Higher Education Opportunities Study Guide

Higher Education Opportunities Study Guide

Sit up straight and pay attention because there will be a test on this later.

Since the first deadline for UCAS applications was last week, we thought now would be a good time to direct your attention to some opportunities that involve institutions of higher education. Consider this the York Notes version.

University of Bath – PR Services | PR Agencies | Sponsorship


The University of Bath’s Sports Training Village hosts the British Modern Pentathlon Championships in 2017, though the venue has been the home of British Olympians for almost 20 years. The school has put work out for tender among public relations agencies and consultants to represent the University of Bath’s Department of Sports Development and Recreation, along with the Sports Training Village and the “TeamBath” brand, from summer 2017 to summer 2020.

So whether you pronounce it to rhyme with “Kath” or you pronounce it wrong, you have until 2nd February to get your paperwork in order.

Deadline: 2nd February

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University of Huddersfield – Media | Advertising | OOH | Broadcast


The Times’ named the University of Huddersfield Higher Education University of the Year in 2013, and in 2015 Prince Andrew became Chancellor. Now the West Yorkshire university is looking for an agency to handle its out of home advertising—on public transport vehicles and in stations and stops, along with roadside and social areas—and radio and broadcast advertising for the next three years.

Deadline: 6th February

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University of Warwick – Creative | Design | Agency


The University of Warwick, best known to me as the first choice on my UCAS application which rejected me almost as soon as it received my paperwork, is inviting creative and graphic design houses to participate in a tender exercise. The goal is to give the school and the agencies an opportunity to put framework agreements in place for suppliers to provide creative in the future.

There are tons of opportunities here, with the university dividing this tender into two lots. The first is creative services which could see up to three service suppliers contracted; the second, design, where up to eight (yes, eight) suppliers could get some work.

If, like me, you get rejected, give me a bell and we’ll go commiserate down the pub.

Deadline: 9th February

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University of Central Lancashire – Media | Advertising | Creative


Second on the whistle-stop tour of Universities that rejected me (I’m over it, I’m fine. No, really. Fine.) is the University of Central Lancashire, which has just appointed a new PR agency, and is now looking to fill its international, national and regional media planning and buying needs, effectively putting incumbent Mediacom Manchester on alert that it’s about to get booted.

With that in mind, there’s a decent chance that the university will put a creative review on the docket soon, so you could do worse than making contacts for that eventuality now.

Deadline: 13th February

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University of Edinburgh – Digital | Creative | Agency


And finally, as Mark Renton returns to Auld Reekie, we do, too. One of the oldest universities in the world, the University of Edinburgh gave us Charles Darwin, Arthur Conan Doyle and Alexander Graham Bell, and it promoted Steven Ross to digital marketing chief in October. A new head honcho usually means imminent opportunities within 3-6 months, and the university spent £1.1m on digital channels in 2016—so if digital creative is your bailiwick, be proactive about seeking out opportunities across digital channels.

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