6 Under-the-Radar Opportunities with Emerging Brands

August 29, 2019

Have you been interested in getting your company in the door with smaller,  emerging brands who are ready to invest? Well, now’s your chance. In Q2 there was a slew of companies that began shaking up their industries, and we’re bubbling up six of these opportunities to pursue now. 

These emerging brands are smaller startups that are hungry for growth and searching for assistance on the road to expansion. Each brand is making heavier investments in marketing, bringing new hires on board, and generating the funds to support these efforts. 

Take a look below:

1. Kahwa Coffee names AOR, opens first in-store cafes at Publix locations 

Kahwa Coffee, a coffee production facility and coffee seller headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida, named Paradise as their agency of record. Paradise will be responsible for strategic planning, brand development, creative services, PR, advertising media and data analytics. Kahwa currently exists in 14 cafes throughout the Tampa area. They have been around for 13 years and just released a “Lucky 13” roast in celebration, but their services have yet to expand out of the Florida area. 

Kahwa products are available in Southeastern stores including Publix, Whole Foods, and Winn Dixie locations. Most recently, Publix is test-hosting three Kahwa in-store cafes, two in Florida and one in North Carolina. 

Media Seller Opportunity: Coffee is in its golden age, reportedly a $14.4B industry. Additionally, the market’s “ready-to-drink” category shows a continual growth with millennials as the lead consumers. Millennials are usually coffee’s main demographic, but Baby Boomers are actually revealed as the top coffee drinkers. Spend should be on the rise in the near future. Sellers in the Southeast, particularly Florida, will have advantage securing revenue. Keep this company on your radar to track high ROI channels as they grow. 

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2. DTC health test co LetsGetChecked raises $30M, hires first CMO to fuel growth 

LetsGetChecked, a DTC at-home health testing platform based in Dublin, raised $30 million in a Series B round led by LTP Equity in early May. The startup announced it would use the funding to scale it’s consumer brand in diagnostics to fuel core technology and logistical capabilities throughout the country. 

In order to support expansion, LetsGetChecked also expanded its executive team. Simon Dunne took over the newly-created CMO position, effective May. Richard Southern was also appointed as chief analytics officer to lead data science. The company also hired David Baker as PPC and programmatic digital marketing executive. He is tasked with optimizing PPC and programmatic platforms, as well as driving new customer acquisition and customer retention. 

Agency and Martech Opportunity: The global personnel will likely review agency relationships across LetGetChecked’s markets (US, Canada, and Europe), so reach out now to remain top-of-mind. Focus pitches on differentiating LetsGetChecked from competitors like EverlyWell, uBiome, and 23andMe, as well as from ordinary doctors. 

Media Seller Opportunity: These personnel will likely increase spend across LetsGetChecked’s markets, so reach out now in order to secure revenue. The target demographic consists of anyone 18+, with no top spending period yet established. The company typically uses earned media, social media and other digital channels like SEO. 

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3. Kombucha co Tribucha raises $1.5M under new CEO, searches for marketing head 

Tribucha, a kombucha manufacturer in North Carolina, hired Paul Pritchard as it’s new CEO, effective November. Under his leadership, Tribucha raised $1.5M in a Series A round. The money will be used to improve it’s marketing efforts so it can stay top-of-mind amid the growing kombucha industry. Tribucha hopes to expand it’s sales and marketing team with 15 new personnel, one of which will be a head of marketing. 

Sponsorship Seller Opportunity: Tribucha has been making efforts to increase marketing through sponsorships. It recently signed a partnership with the North Carolina Football Club, allowing it to place banner ads in the stadium and sponsor various running clubs. It also has sponsorship agreements with North Carolina Courage and The Raleigh Distance Project. Sponsorships currently make up the majority of Tribucha’s marketing, but those efforts will likely expand as Tribucha expands their team and looks to grow geographically. 

Media Seller Opportunity: Tribucha currently serves in 22 states along the East Coast and Midwest, and plans to head towards the middle of the country and go national. National sellers should reach out to stay top-of-mind with expansion on the horizon. With no top spending period yet established, keep an eye on year-round revenue as well as dollars tied to two new flavors set to debut in September. Primary target audiences include Gen-X based on recent social media posts. 

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4. The Collective Hires Marketing lead, PR AOR to assist with expansion 

The Collective, a co-living space operator, hired Samantha Garfield as US strategic communications and growth lead (brand CMO function), effective November. Additional personnel shifts include the hire of Joseph Turano as US operations lead (March) and Brian Backscheider as development manager (November). 

The startup also hired Manifest as it’s PR AOR for the US and UK. The agency will oversee strategy, media & influencer relations, social media consultancy and above-the-line creative, as well as assist in expansion plans. These plans include a London co-living space as well as a New York co-living space in September. It plans to open a location in Dublin in the next year, as well as a location in Brooklyn by 2022. 

Media Seller Opportunity: With expansion plans and new personnel on board to support those efforts, spend is likely to increase. Sellers are encouraged to reach out in order to secure revenue. Keep in mind there is no top spending period yet established, and spend is high throughout the year. The main target demographic consists of millennials and Gen-Z, especially those near locations. 

The Collective currently uses digital, social media, earned media and cause marketing via it’s non-profit The Collective Foundation. Keep the potential of broadcast, outdoor, print, and radio on your radar. 

Agency and Martech Opportunity: As you know, reviews tend to follow each other, and new personnel are a flashing signal the brand is likely to bring on additional agencies. With large expansion plans, reach out for media, creative and digital work. Focus pitches on helping the Collective stay top-of-mind amid competitors such as Starcity, Quarters, and Treehouse. 

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5. Conservation startup Better Place Forests searches for first CMO to assist with growth 

Better Place Forests, a startup using ashes to preserve forests, wants to drive brand awareness, reinforce brand proposition, drive customer acquisition, expand and position itself as the definitive source nationally of trusted end-of-life information. 

To assist with this goal, the brand is on the hunt for a new CMO to lead expansion efforts. The new position will be responsible for devising and implementing a marketing plan that includes retail experience, PR and partnerships. 

Additionally, the startup is looking to fill all key director level roles by fall 2019. Hiring a head of customer experience is also a priority in order to assist the CMO with retail experience duties. These hires will follow a slew of other new personnel on the team. 

Agency and Martech Opportunity: This leadership is likely to hire a PR agency in order to help Better Place increase awareness and grow, so those with heavy PR capabilities should reach out for work. Those near Better Placee’s headquarters in San Fransisco may have the advantage. 

Media Seller Opportunity: We expect a heavy marketing push once a CMO is in place and begins working on increasing brand awareness. Reach out now in order to remain top-of-mind. While Better Place has national reach, those near its locations will likely have the advantage. Keep in mind no top spending period has been established. 

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6. Little Beet Restaurants plans aggressive expansion after hiring CEO

The Little Beet, an emerging natural-foods restaurant, opened a new location in Miami reported in April. This location served as the first outside its original markets of NY and DC. About nine months ago, Little Beet named Becky Mulligan it’s CEO. The company plans to open 15 new units by the end of 2020 under her leadership. 

Media Seller Opportunity: With the plant-inspired, gluten-free menu, Little Beete has not yet established a top spending period, so sellers should reach out throughout the year to secure ad revenue. Local sellers will likely have the advantage, as well as those with high engagement among millennial consumers. 

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