5 RFPs to Keep on Your Radar

5 RFPs to Keep on Your Radar

Being responsible for driving agency new business is no easy task. One day you can land a big deal and business can be booming and then the next day you could lose an account and find yourself scrambling for new opportunities to add to your pipeline. It’s a never-ending loop. 

An essential way to keep your pipeline up to par is to monitor and respond to relevant RFPs. This three-letter acronym is typically a bright flashing signal that indicates potential opportunity for your agency.

RFP, or Request for Proposal, has become an essential way that agencies find new sales opportunities for their business. But, with RFPs taking up a lot of your team’s time, and the win rate being less than 5%, it’s more important than ever to make sure you’re finding the right opportunities that are in your wheelhouse of expertise.

To help you find the RIGHT RFP for your agency we’ve provided these 5 opportunities that you should act on now:

1. Texas Governor’s Office Issues RFP for Canada Service Region Tourism, PR, Marketing Services 

Due Date: August 29 

Opportunity: The state of Texas, Office of the Governor looks to raise awareness of Texas as a premier travel destination in the Canada Service Region. The primary focus will be on marketing and PR strategies used to target consumers, with a secondary focus on assisting with the Travel Texas PR and marketing activities. 

Scope of Work: The OGG is part of the executive brand of Texas state government, and therefore will not relinquish control over PR and marketing decisions to the contractor. Upon approval, the work includes: 

    • Expand perceptions of Texas travel experience 
    • Conduct high-profile integrated consumer promotions 
    • Promote partner participation 
    • Traditional and digital media 

Contract Terms: Begins September 11, 2019 and ends August 31, 2020 

Budget: Not disclosed 

Contact: Spencer Cummings (spencer.cummings@gov.texas.gov).

2. Sandy Springs, GA issues RFP for Destination Marketing Strategy Services 

Due Date: August 23; questions due August 14; pre-bid conference August 9 

Opportunity: Sandy Springs Hospitality & Tourism’s board of directors and professional staff are seeking a consultant to assist with the creation of a plan to carry the organization through the next three to five years. According to RFP documents, brand development is not a goal of the strategic plan. 

Scope of Work: 

    • Create a comprehensive profile of the city’s current and potential target tourism markets 
    • Establish marketing goals and identify target audiences to increase ROI on digital, social and print channels as well as PR efforts
    • Develop a marketing strategy that identifies short and long-term tactics for maximizing brand value in the eyes of visitors. Identify areas of growth in order to stand out from competitors. 
    • Identify group sales target markets that are appropriate for the city’s existing hotel portfolio
    • Seek opportunities for tourism product development, destination enhancement, and partnerships. 
    • Evaluate internal structure of the organization and identify areas of improvement and strategic opportunities 
    • Develop purpose statements including the mission, vision, and values for Sandy Springs Hospitality & Tourism

Budget: Not disclosed 

Contact: Dezirae Gaines, (purchasing@sandyspringsga.gov)

3. Montana’s Department of Natural Resources & Conservation Issues Marketing RFP to Promote State Wood Purchases 

Due Date: August 23, pre-proposal conference call August 14 & must contact Procurement Officer by email by August 13 to receive phone number and password 

Opportunity: Montana issued a marketing RFP for a contractor to implement tactics of a marketing plan to promote the use and purchase of state wood products. 

Scope of Work: 

    • Develop a website and online directory 
    • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) 
    • PR- awareness campaign 
    • Direct mail/ Email 

Contract Terms: Start date September 23, end May 13, 2020 

Budget: Not disclosed; Private sponsorship dollars or direct funding for production materials will be vital 

Contact: Gwen Ungerman, Procurement Officer ungermang@mt.gov.

4. Kansas’ Larned State Hospital Issues RFP for Billboard Advertising 

Due Date: August 20 

Opportunity: The project is for Larned State Hospital to contract OOH billboard advertising. If you are interested in bidding on this transaction, you must specifically be invited to the event. In order to receive an invitation, contact Amanda Clayton 24 hours before the official finish date in order to attend. 

Scope of Work: 

    • Billboard Contracting 
    • OOH 
    • Includes proof of citizenship 

Budget: Not disclosed 

Contact: Questions concerning clarification to the bid event must be submitted to Procurement Officer Amanda Clayton who can be reached at the following: 

    • Email: amanda.clayton@ks.gov
    • Phone: 785) 296-1171

5. Florida’s Miami Parking Issues RFP for Mural Advertising Services 

Due Date: September 10, questions due August 27 and mandatory pre-bid meeting August 13 

Opportunity: The City of Miami Department of Off-Street Parking, also known as the Miami Parking Authority, intends to implement a mural advertising service on the east-facing wall and potentially the south-facing wall of the Cultural Center Garage, located at 90 SW 1st Street in Miami. 

Scope of Work: The mural advertising is intended for the Cultural Center Farage, known as G-2 and will require: 

    • Optimizing the advertising space on the property 
    • An area that provides national, international, regional and local advertisers a venue within the city 
    • The ability to generate maximum revenue 
    • Improving the aesthetics of a publicly owned building without interfering with daily business operations or affecting public safety 
    • Commence installation at the subject site within a 120-day contract 
    • Conduct any preliminary site research, review, and field visits as needs to asses project 
    • Operate a successful, efficient and professional outdoor advertising venue by replacing or reparing any physical components of the advertisement 
    • Appoint and name a single contact as Successful Proposer’s Project Manager 

Budget: Estimate aggregate cost of $25,000 or more 

Contact: Submit any questions to Procurement@MiamiParking.com

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