5 Winmo Features We Don’t Talk Enough About

August 26, 2021

Winmo account managers are pros at managing client questions. They often hear, what should we be doing more of? What are we missing? How do we integrate Winmo features into our new business plan? There are so many features in our tool, that sometimes, the simplest tasks can get overlooked for our shiny new additions (here’s my chance to plug our OTT insights and SEMRush integration). Keep reading to learn about, and test, five Winmo features we don’t talk about enough.

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1)  Research requests

There may be times when you can’t find the right brand, company, agency, or contact in Winmo. Hey, it happens. We may start tracking them in the future, but you still need the contact information today. So how are you going to find it? Inside your Winmo account, click Feedback > Research and let us know what you need. That will generate an email that goes directly to our head of research and you’ll get what you need in 24-48 hours.

2)  Alerts

When you’re on a Winmo profile page, select the Alert button on the top right-hand side to signal to the software, hey, this is an important account. Make sure to track both your top accounts and competitors. Of course, you don’t want to go to every individual profile to do this. To create alerts in bulk, select the Alerts button on the left-hand taskbar > Alert Preferences. From here, set alerts based on territory, category, or even personnel based on rank and/or job function.

Bonus: Winmo alerts are also intelligent and can be triggered based on your search history within the software. We can then start to detect patterns and offer recommendations.

3)  Key accounts

Like alerts, you probably have a vital list of accounts scratched on a Post-It note somewhere in or around your desk. Maybe it’s missing, but you’re sure it’s somewhere! Set up your key accounts from profile pages or in bulk via search results instead. Add these to a unique list (or create multiple based on vertical, region, whatever works for you) which can then be exported. Then, to promote more collaborative work, share your account list with other users in your account.

4)  List uploads

Just like the loose Post-Its, you probably also have random Excel files scattered around your desktop — the ones you never bothered to name, so who knows what’s in them. Find a home for those lost contacts in your Winmo account. Essentially, list uploads are building a key account list in reverse. Find the Upload feature on the left-hand taskbar or the Advanced Search page.

Here’s where the magic happens. When uploading the Excel, ensure Column A is the full brand name (Amazon, not Amzn). From there, Winmo will query the list and return not only a record of companies that appear on your account list, but also the corresponding contacts.

5)  Exports

Exporting goes above and beyond in Winmo. Anytime you make a list of contacts, there’s much more information to be found upon export — typical details like name, title, and email address, but also LinkedIn URLs, direct lines, and, for agency contacts, accounts they work. Export to Excel or directly to your Microsoft Dynamics, HubSpot, or Salesforce accounts. Then, customize your exports with, you guessed it, custom mapping. Get as specific as adding different billing addresses versus mailing addresses.

Want to access five additional Winmo features? Listen to the Win More podcast with host and account manager, John Zaldonis, below:

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