6 Steps to a Standout Sales Pitch

July 29, 2021

As buyers become increasingly savvy and selective, sellers are obliged to up their collective game. Good sales pitches take an end-to-end approach, making a concerted effort to interact with buyers on a meaningful level from the very first email to the closing of the deal. An effective sales pitch require diligent preparation, winning presentation skills, and a playbook that caters to each prospective client’s needs.

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Here are six steps to create a standout sales pitch that will keep buyers enthralled:

1)  Know your stats

Do your homework before engaging with a potential buyer. Today, names, faces, and a passing knowledge of your prospect’s business aren’t enough. Instead, you should always strive to dig deeper. Do heavy recon on their industry as a whole, how their competitors fare, and your service’s significant edge.

Even better, make an effort to get to know your buyer personally. Research relevant past purchases. Look at their business and communication styles on social media. Do they have any hobbies that you share? Great. Take note and refer to these in conversation if a natural opportunity presents itself. This kind of attention to detail — without being intrusive or inappropriate — never goes unnoticed. The best sales pitches go the extra mile when it comes to groundwork.

2)  Personalize your pitches

Vary your sales pitch according to each buyer and their unique specifications. The perfect pitch switches things up with each new scenario, depending on the size of the buying company, recent trends in their industry, time of year, level of interest, learning methods of the buying representatives, and a host of other factors.

Prepare pitches that work via phone, email, or in-person, altering your rules of engagement so they suit your customer’s schedule, preferred method of communication, and urgent requirements. You should also adapt your pitch as you go. Bear in mind, the most effective sales pitch can bend and shift as questions arise or new information comes to light. Buyers don’t want to be talked at, they want to be talked with. Your selling strategy must be flexible and sensitive.

3)  Have backup ready

As a sales rep, it’s easy to feel all at sea when organizing your thoughts and gathering content for a pitch. If you’re drowning in product info or having trouble accessing the appropriate collateral, you may want to call in some reinforcements. Call on a sales enablement software for additional support. Comprehensive sales enablement software provides unfettered access to your team’s collective experience and expertise. A strong platform allows you to activate supplementary assistance while still securing the eventual win all on your own.

4)  Expect the unexpected

Remember, it’s okay to throw your plan out the window when your talking points aren’t working. For example, you may discover that your solution doesn’t solve your buyer’s most pressing problem. You observe your buyer’s preoccupation with one issue and gracefully acknowledge that your product may not be the right solution. It may seem like an odd strategy to defer a sale, but your show of compassion and hyper-awareness will likely make a lasting impression.

5)  Prepare for the long game

Speaking of lasting impressions, keep in mind that the best sales pitches acknowledge the big picture. Messaging and engagement techniques should always have one eye on the horizon and an underlying focus on maintaining your buyers’ attention. A clever, pithy sales speech may help you get your foot in the door, but it’s no good if your words don’t linger in your prospects’ minds long after you’ve left. An effective sales pitch should help you build a healthy sales relationship rather than just land a single buy. To this point, every interaction with your buyer should end with a firm plan to meet or talk again.

6)  Tell your story

A thoughtful narrative is a powerful tool. It’s why storytelling has captivated humanity for centuries. And it’s why a good sales pitch can engage a buyer indefinitely. Ensure your company profile and product testimonials unfold like a story, with characters who undergo a transformative journey. Storytelling allows the buyer to envision your product working for them. Remember, though, that all the best stories are based on truth. As such, you should always have facts and figures on hand to corroborate each of your sales pitch tales.

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