8 Emerging Brands from 2018 You Should Know About

8 Emerging Brands from 2018 You Should Know About

In 2018 there were several companies that began shaking up their industries and today, we’re bubbling up eight of these brands that you need to keep on your radar. These brands are on the rise and shaking up the status quo. Typically, emerging brands are smaller startups that are hungry for growth and will need assistance in expansion efforts sooner rather than later.

Many of these brands have aggressive expansion goals, are hiring new personnel, and have seen an increase in funding to support their movements.

Check out this list of 8 emerging brands and what opportunities lie ahead for you:


A cannabis retailer founded in 2010, MedMen is growing as quickly as the industry itself. Core company focuses include combining education with a retail presence in order to make the selling of pot as normal as possible. Most of these efforts are made through it’s online and print magazine.

Marketing is done internally, which gives MedMen the freedom to control the brand and avoid any long-term agency commitments. The brand will continue to expand in 2019 as more locations participate in the legalization of cannabis. The in-house creative team will grow as well and hopes to expand beyond their usual channels of influencer marketing and social media. Revenue hit $39.8 million in 2018, so sellers should definitely expect more campaigns with company growth on the horizon.

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Apartment Butler

Apartment Butler, a mobile concierge startup, exists to help you cross off items on your daily to-do list. For example, the startup serves primarily Houston and Dallas apartments, coordinating housekeeping, pet care, and laundry to make customer’s lives easier. In December 2018, Apartment Butler secured $2 million in a venture round led by Mercury Fund. the money will go towards developing new services, new features, and expanding geographic reach through the hiring of new personnel.

With all the new hires, Apartment Butler may further with the help of an outside agency. They’ll be on the hunt for a PR AOR to assist in spreading awareness, and anyone that can help differentiate them from the vast competition.

In regards to media sellers, the tiny budget consists of mostly earned media and social media. However, those in Texas should reach out to secure revenue by targeting their main demographic.

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Parachute Home

Parachute Home provides modern bedding and bath essentials for a more comfortable home.  They are on the road to expansion as well, with a goal to open more locations by 2020. Their first store location opened two years ago, and since then they have made significant progress in the retail space. In June, they received a $30 million Series C funding round to support the plan for 20 new locations.

With six physical stores, Parachute execs have learned what it takes to drive loyalty and shift the media mix in order to strike interest in the new store openings. According to sources, outdoor channel spend has significantly increased over the years. Sellers should expect more campaigns as the brand attempts to continue its growth, and media spend trending up.

In the past, Parachute has worked with Office of Baby on creative work, but the agency isn’t it’s AOR. Luke Droulez was also promoted to the CMO position last July, so reach out to him for potential work.

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Car subscription startup Fair named Derek Callow it’s new CMO last February, consequently launching an agency review in preparation for national expansion and boosted marketing spend.

The company wants to hire a variety of agencies since it has previously only operated on a project-by-project basis. The mission of the company is to make car rentals more convenient. The app allows customers to get a car on their phone and return it whenever they want as opposed to the original rental process that required heavy paperwork. .

In just about a year, Fair has grown through 22 cities across 12 states, with 20,000 years. After expected national expansion, the company has plans to go global and spend around $50 million on marketing across all channels. Agency and martech readers, there is definitely a chance to get involved with current expansion and growth in the future.

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Heed uses AI and advanced sensor technology to change the way fans interact with real-time sports. Their vision is to create a world in which live events become global digital experiences.

Last October, Heed reported $35 million raised in funding led by SoftBank. The company handles all things sports with insights, attributes, and video content. They have also struck exclusive deals with the UFC and EuroLeague, so the new revenue will bolster upcoming partnerships.

The startup targets younger fans and therefore relies mostly on social media engagement, but sellers should keep them in mind for the future. Heed is currently searching for a growth marketing director, and as they continue to grow could potentially be in the market for an agency review.

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Modern Acupuncture

The alternative medicine company, Modern Acupuncture, released its first campaign by creative AOR StrawberryFog. The campaign’s purpose is to display the offers of beauty, stress and pain treatments available to all consumers. The hope of the campaign is to reach those who aren’t aware of acupuncture and all of its benefits.

The idea is becoming more popular throughout the nation, and the company has been opening new locations with a plan for more expansion within the coming year.

This is one to keep on your radar, especially media sellers. Modern Acupuncture currently handles media in-house, but that could easily change with the planning of more campaigns predicted in the near future.

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The all-in-one travel booking service provider MyFlightSearch began looking for their first CMO last August. Since outside hires are the number one trigger for an agency hire, we encourage you to be in contact with lower-level personnel until someone is hired for the position.

The main goal of the company is growth, and they currently only use social media, earned media and partnerships with local TV stations. After the CMO starts, we predict more channels will come into play in order to support expansion goals.

Sellers with high ROI engagement rates among travelers are encouraged to reach out. Travel typically spikes in Q2 and Q3, so expect MyFlightSearch spending to do the same.

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Tender Greens

Tender Greens creates distinctive meals based on local markets in order to help people eat for the better. The fast-casual restaurant headquartered in California promoted Denyelle Bruno to the role of CEO. Her plan is to double the number of locations in the next two years, which is currently marked at 28. Their focus demographic is across Boston, New York, and California, so they’ll scale brand presence in these locations first.

With new hires and rapid expansion plans, keep in mind their biggest spending channel is digital. We encourage sellers to reach out for project-by-project work specifically around their locations. In 2017, they partnered with Envoy for some digital work so you may see them among your competition.

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These are just eight of the emerging brands from the many inside our platform. Imagine having all of those brands at your fingertips, along with verified contact information for key decision-makers. If you want more opportunities just like these, request a Winmo trial today!

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