Prospect Now: 4 New Business Opportunities to Pursue ASAP

Prospect Now: 4 New Business Opportunities to Pursue ASAP

Want updated new business opportunities for 2019? Get them here.

The start of a new month can be tough on salespeople — particularly those that flushed out their sales pipelines in an effort to close deals before the end of the year. Luckily, your month just got a little brighter thanks to Winmo’s predictive sales intelligence platform, WinmoEdge.

Starting this week, we’ll be rounding up four of the hottest new business opportunities every Monday. We’re making it our mission to #EDGEucate (get it?!) you on four actionable predictive insights each week, giving you a taste of WinmoEdge’s special sauce and a leg up on your competitors.

The predictive sales intelligence provided in WinmoEdge is reported on and tracked by living, breathing researchers who provide daily updates on new business opportunities that could change the game for you and your company. In addition, our in-house confirmation team takes the guesswork out of contact information by populating decision-maker profiles with up-to-date data, making it even easier to follow up on WinmoEdge’s new business opportunities.

If you don’t see something that strikes your eye this week, request a Winmo trial and discover the innumerable new business opportunities highlighted within the platform! And, of course, come back next week to #EDGEucate yourself on the latest and greatest new business opportunities and news.

Sponsorship Sales Opportunity: American Cancer Society

The American Cancer Society is a national voluntary healthcare system based out of Atlanta, GA. Their overall mission is to free the world from cancer through funding and conducting research, supporting patients, and spreading the word about prevention.

Amid spending decreases, reported digital spend $986,300 YTD, ACS has launched a new holiday fundraising campaign called “Plan of Attack” that tells the story of a patient who transitioned from focusing on the worst-case scenario for her family to a plan for managing and overcoming her illness through ACS support. The goal of the campaign is to encourage major donations as the year comes to a close and also target their demographic of women age 35 and older. However, ACS is also attempting to attract millennials, so sellers appealing to those two groups will benefit.

Their overall spending has decreased in the last few years due to a shift to a digital focus through a variety of television shows and streaming. With these spend decreases, a top priority is optimizing the money they are spending. ACS recently partnered with the NHL, and if you are reaching out to partner, especially through events, there could be some last-minute dollars available through this campaign. Especially good news: Q4 is typically their top spending period.

Adtech Sales Opportunity: PlayStation

Sony’s PlayStation has announced a creative business review after almost six years of work with BBH, whose most recent project promoted the relaunch of PlayStation Classic. Based on their creative review process, PlayStation wants to establish a team of 3-4 agencies that will each work on different projects, but collectively be responsible for global marketing. The reasoning behind this structure is the amount of advertising is too heavy for a singular AOR, and the teams will pitch against each other for the six major campaigns throughout the year with the hope that healthy competition will keep performance high. 

Marketing spending is expected to rise with the holiday season approaching with people attempting to satisfy all the gamer gift requests. Males under the age of 35 are the target audience, which is crucial to take into account when making pitches in the future. 

So far this year, iSpot reports that PlayStation has spent more than $183.9 million on national TV commercials targeting various male-oriented programs. The brand’s total 2017 spend increased to $198.5 million from that of $81.5 million the previous year. According to our sources, PlayStation’s digital spend YTD is $4,100,000.

We recommend keeping PlayStation top of mind for distant future opportunities in digital and media work, but when currently reaching out make creative work the priority.

Media Sales Opportunity: Hormel Foods

Hormel Foods is a manufacturer and marketer of food and meat products. The company operates on a global scale through retail, foodservice and wholesale channels striving to create products that improve the lives of their consumers. 

Hormel Foods recently reported higher advertising investments and accomplished their goal of establishing brands that embody high-quality products that are flavorful and nutritious to keep their brand name strong. For fiscal 2018, total advertising spend increased 11.76% to $152 million from $136 million in fiscal 2017.

The company’s spend period is traditionally Q2-Q3, so we suggest pitching soon to lock down ad revenue. The target audience is mothers and the kids they provide for, so keep this demographic in mind when hunting for opportunities. 

Although the digital spend decreased to $1,068,800 so far in 2018, keep in mind TV commercial spend was significantly higher than year’s past, signaling that Hormel is moving towards more conventional tactics. Spending is always heavy in Q1, so make sure you are pitching in a timely manner to best support the brand.

Agency New Business Opportunity: Rimmel

Many fashion and beauty brands have shifted their focus to influencer marketing strategies but Rimmel, Coty’s British cosmetics company that took the US by storm this year, is doing the exact opposite and turning away from influencer marketing. Instead, Rimmel has decided to focus more on referrals from paid micro-influencers in order to stay loyal to their mission of selling mascara so everyone can afford it, not just those living in luxury. 

The mission of Rimmel is to encourage customers to stay true to themselves and be who they want to be. This emphasis on authenticity is more effectively communicated through peer-to-peer recommendations rather than celebrities and paid influencers. With new CEO Pierre Laubies named in November, Coty’s is currently number 77 on the Vulnerable Account Index, meaning an agency shift is predicted within the next six to nine months.

According to reports, Rimmel reported a $1,634,000 YTD digital spend, and 85% of that spend was direct. Rimmel plans to continue their new strategy into the rest of 2019 and 2020, so don’t hesitate to make moves to help their attempt at authenticity and real, word of mouth recommendations.


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