Pearlfinders Competitive Analysis

January 19, 2024

Updated 2024: If you’re looking to secure new business in the UK, two sales enablement tools may come to mind: Winmo and Pearlfinders. Both tools promise an abundance of decision-maker contacts, but which is the better choice for your team?

While Pearlfinders boasts an impressive 100,000+ UK contacts spanning HR and marketing, Winmo tracks 200,000+ decision-makers spanning the US and UK, with established and emerging marketers, nonprofits, sports teams and adtech companies, as well as their agency partners and related agency teams. This broader lens grants Winmo unparalleled insights into industry trends and international opportunities that competitors simply can’t match.

Let’s dive further and discover which platform empowers sales teams to maximise productivity.


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Timing & Forecasting

While Pearlfinders offers static reports and lists, Winmo delivers actionable intelligence on a daily basis with WinmoEdge. Its prospecting publication layers into the Winmo database, with daily lead summaries covering:

    Winmo Forecasting Tools

  • Decision Makers on the Move
  • New Funding
  • Spend shifts
  • Agency Review Predictions
  • Emerging Companies
  • Women-Owned Businesses
  • Black-Owned Businesses
  • New Markets & Audiences
  • Vulnerable Account Index
  • Product Launches
  • Campaign Imminent
  • New Client-Agency Relationships/Shifts

Advanced Search

Pearlfinders offers basic filters like keywords and locations. Winmo’s list-building functionality provides more granular options like media spend by channel, target demographics, job titles, social spend, intent targeting, newly added contacts, and other filtering options to help you select your ideal prospects.

Winmo's Advanced Search

Agency & Brand Relationship Data

While sheer volume of company data is helpful for mass outreach, smarter sales starts with a more nuanced approach: understanding the intricate landscape of your target companies before your outreach or pitch. Winmo tracks over 20,000 brand-agency relationships, empowering your sales strategy – not blindsiding it.

Bonus: Be the first to know when agency relationships change or are subject to change with WinmoEdge Alerts!
Winmo's Brand Agency Relationship Data


Winmo seamlessly integrates with leading CRMs like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Microsoft Dynamics, saving you time and effort. There is currently no way to integrate Pearlfinder with other platforms, which could hinder your ability to leverage insights across different platforms.

Other Winmo Integrations Include:

  • Spend Insights – Compare spend across OOH, Broadcast, Print, Radio, Digital, Video, PPC, Hispanic media, and social channels including TikTok, Instagram, X, and YouTube.
  • Intent Signals by Bombora – Who’s in the market for your tech? With Winmo Intent Insights powered by Bombora, you’ll know exactly which brands or agencies are researching your services.
  • Personality Insights by Humantic – Score eerily accurate personality insight powered by Humantic. Increase your response rates by knowing the DOs, DON’Ts, and preferred language of the DM you’re reaching out to.

In Conclusion

Winmo unlocks the full potential of UK sales intelligence with its deeper data, cutting-edge forecasting, advanced search, relationship insights, and powerful integrations. While Pearlfinders offers a decent starting point, its limitations may hold you back. Before you choose the sales intelligence platform for your team, remember to consider:

  • Winmo’s global reach gives you wider market visibility.
  • WinmoEdge predicts trends and opportunities, not provide after-the-fact reports.
  • Winmo’s advanced search filters help pinpoint your ideal prospects.
  • Winmo’s agency-brand relationship data provides a 360 degree view of a company’s landscape.
  • Winmo’s integrations streamline your workflow.
  • Winmo is tried and true – check out over 200 5-star reviews

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