Personnel Shifts are Happening: How Sales Intelligence Platforms Can Keep You Informed

April 6, 2021

As one of the managers of Winmo’s Scoops groups (~Plug~ click here to join on LinkedIn), it’s my responsibility to stay up to date on personnel shifts. Just in the last week, we reported Crocs hired a new CMO, Pizza Hut parted ways with their’s, Ikea has a new COO, and Nerf’s on the hunt for a… wait for it… Chief TikTok Officer. We have no choice but to stan.

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It’s challenging to keep track of business development opportunities. That’s why so many brands turn to sales intelligence platforms to save their sales and marketing teams (and sponsorship and media and creative and strategy and account management…) time, energy, and money.

Keep reading for three ways sales intelligence platforms like Winmo outline business opportunities and keep you informed:

1)  With real-time alerts on personnel shifts

Data goes stale quickly. Pre-COVID, we found that over four months, 7% of people left their jobs and 9% had title changes. During the pandemic, those figures obviously escalated. According to the Congressional Research Service, the unemployment rate reached an unprecedented level, not seen since data collection started in 1948. It peaked in April 2020 (14.8%) before declining to a still-elevated level in December (6.7%).

Winmo users leverage real-time alerts to tell them when companies, agencies, or even entire categories have notable personnel shifts. Even during layoffs, Winmo users are first to know when a company has hired a new marketing director, brand manager, or media planner to be one of the first to establish a relationship with that prospect. Real-time alerts also relay when an advertiser updates their agency roster.

2)  Through sales triggers and predictions

WinmoEdge is the secret weapon for many of our successful clients. While most trade publications report on sales opportunities or ad campaigns after launch (aka after the budget is already spent), WinmoEdge analysts monitor the subtle triggers that predict marketing spend. Our analysts scour SEC filings, earnings reports, and spend data to alert sellers to opportunities at the earliest indication.

Every day, the WinmoEdge team assess brands with new funding, established marketers with fluctuating spend, or those likely to hire new agencies. Then, clients create customized alerts by region, article type, or industry, such as decision-makers on the move in eCommerce and retail.

“My favorite tool is WinmoEdge. Having access to those up to date articles is huge! The easy accessibility to find contacts at companies makes it very easy to prospect.”

Spencer Buckley, Head of Business Development, Brands at Linage Digital

Within WinmoEdge articles, brands also receive a vulnerable account index score:

  • Opportunities in ‘Close Watch’ and ‘Future Possibilities’ indicate that our analysts see signs of changes in 12-18 months.
  • ‘On the Brink’ and ‘Account in Jeporady’ indicate even more change, with a review predicted in 6-12 months.
  • ‘Review Imminent’ indicates immediate change and to reach out now.

3)  The ability to reach high-value prospects at scale

Building targeted lists are yet another way Winmo saves time. This feature identifies high-value accounts (those likely to convert) based on characteristics such as areas of spend, industry, demographics etc. From there, sellers leverage that list to scale their prospecting efforts and reach more potential clients.


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