Three Ways to Win More Sales with AI Personality Insights

July 26, 2023

While some sellers are finding that AI tools lower response rates and drive up spam warnings, Winmo users are taking a different approach, using AI to personalize their outreach to advertising decision-makers at scale (increasing win rates up to 6%). How? 

We asked customers with Winmo Personality Insights, powered by, to tell us how they optimize sales outcomes. Here are the top three ways they’re utilizing AI-powered insight to win over brands and agencies:

1. Discover who the real decision-driver is

Winmo provides contact details and corporate hierarchies for thousands of top-spending advertisers and their agencies, but decisions are not always driven by the person nearest the top of the org chart.

Check out this VP’s Personality Profile, particularly their Decision-Driver assessment:

Marketing VP, Retail Brand

The “approval of other stakeholders” stands out, right? Our customers rely on that intel, based on the individual’s DISC personality (more on that later) to know when to multi-thread in other stakeholders, even if they are lower on the organizational food-chain, for instance:

Sr Marketing Director, Retail Brand

Despite being a subordinate of the VP, the Senior Marketing Director might be a better place to start, as they’re the type that can power decisions up the ladder.


2. Email Tips: Craft outreach that gets a response

Once you know that an account is a good fit and which decision-drivers to target, Winmo Personality Insights offer specific email tips known to increase response rates by 233%.

Winmo customers say they rely on these to tailor outreach that gets a reply sooner, reducing their time to first contact.

Here’s a snapshot of email tips for two key marketing decision-makers at the same major retailer in Winmo:

Marketing VP, Retail Brand

Sr Marketing Director, Retail Brand

Their personalities are different, and so you’d write very different messages to each of them. An exciting, testimonial-filled message to the Director would land you in the virtual trashcan, but to the VP, could earn you a reply.

3. Nail your first impression, and your pitch

You’ve got the meeting – score! Now what? Winmo power users harness AI-generated personality insights to determine the approach in the initial meeting. Here is where DiSC personality profiles come into play.

DiSC assessments that score a personality across Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance are the basis for insights present on Winmo’s 165,000 decision-maker profiles in the US and 36,000 budget-owners in the UK.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a certified DiSC profile analyzer to use these, as Winmo’s Personality Profiles turn the AI-generated traits into DOs and DONTs that any seller can follow with ease:

According to our users, these insights also come in handy in pitch and negotiation phasesHave you ever been on the last yard, only to hit a personality conflict you didn’t anticipate? For instance, using technical jargon with an I-type might lose their buy in, while overly optimistic promises with a C-type, even if well intentioned, will kill the sale. AI personality insights help you uncover these potential obstacles so you can swiftly sidestep landmines.

In all, sellers using AI-derived personality insights increase close rates by an average of 6%.

Interested in getting started? We’d be happy help you put these into practice on your top prospects:


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