Winmo’s Sales Intelligence Gets “Eerily Accurate” Personality Insights

September 1, 2022

A cheat sheet to stop getting ghosted? There’s an app for that, and Winmo is harnessing its power to help sellers boost response rates by 233%

Winning with Personality Insights

Winmo has integrated eerily accurate personality insights directly into contact profiles within its prospecting platform, allowing revenue teams to personalize outreach to those who control over $100 billion in marketing spend.

Personality insights now appear alongside names, phone numbers, and emails in Winmo’s robust contact database, giving sellers a clear path to reaching the right brand or agency decision-maker with outreach that gets a response. 



Personalization on a human level has become essential to winning deals, especially in a time when marketers are blasted with one-size-fits-all messaging. 

“According to a recent poll we conducted, getting ghosted was the number one prospecting pain point of our customers,” said Marilyn Mead, VP Marketing at Winmo. “Personality insights provide a cheat sheet for increasing response rates by as much as 233%. They’re a game-changer in today’s remote-selling environment.”

Winmo customers can discover what language a prospect is likely to respond to – even which words to use in email – for effective outreach that strikes the right chord. They also help accelerate deals through a sellers’ pipeline, with benefits associated with a 6% increase in close rate.

Contacts in Winmo now display:

  • DISC profile (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Calculativeness) reveals how a buyer is likely to act during the sales process. 
  • Email tips to personalize outreach, build trust and write the perfect sales email (especially when reaching out for the first time!)
  • OCEAN insights (Openness, Conscientiousness, Extroversion, Agreeableness, Neuroticism) spell out a buyer’s behavioral and personality traits. 

These details appear across 145,000+ brand and agency decision-makers responsible for $100 billion in spend, including:

  • CMOs, Marketing Directors, and Brand Managers
  • Integrated Media Planners and Media Investment Executives
  • Corporate Sponsorship Decision-Makers
  • Experiential and Event Marketing Managers
  • Influencer Marketing and Social Media Marketing Managers

Want to know what makes your prospect tick? 

See for yourself how personality insights can open doors and accelerate sales!

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