Winmo Debuts Podcast Ad Spend

July 1, 2022

Podcast Insights Powered by Podchaser

Winmo is thrilled to team up with Podchaser to give Winmo customers a straight path to identifying and pursuing podcast advertising budgets.

Why podcasts? According to IAB, ad spend on podcasts will exceed $2B by 2023, and sales professionals are eager to tap into this opportunity.

Through a new partnership with Podchaser, which measures ads across streaming audio networks, users of Winmo’s advertiser and agency database can easily find brands spending in podcasts, which shows they’re sponsoring, plus the brand and agency decision-makers who control the budgets.

“The podcast medium is becoming an important tool in a specific type of marketer’s toolkit. It’s the starting point of emerging and D2C brands that many of our customers are hoping to build relationships with as their budgets expand. Our partnership with Podchaser will allow sellers to identify these brands, and connect with the brand and agency decision-makers who own these budgets.” said Dave Currie, CEO of Winmo and its parent company List Partners, LLC.

The medium is growing by leaps and bounds, with marketers eager to reach a growing number of consumers who listen to podcasts, and act on the messaging they hear from brands. According to podcast advertising agency AdvertiseCast, “A survey of 300,000 listeners found that 63% of people bought something a host had promoted on their show.” It’s obvious that this young, novel medium is on pace for major growth, and Winmo has your unfair advantage to get ahead of the competition.

Uncover Rich Insights & Easily Discover Prospects

Podcast data and insights make it simple to discover brands investing in podcast advertising.

Podcast Search and Filter Option

In addition to being able to identify podcast advertisers, Winmo brand profiles will allow sellers to get a full picture of a brand’s podcast investment, as well as its competitors utilizing the medium.

Podcast Spend by Month

Competitive Landscape Podcast

Podcast insights are invaluable to Winmo customers looking to discover brands investing in this ever-expanding medium. Additionally, users can see top shows and categories to surmise demographic targeting, and determine which competitors are advertising in podcasts to highlight opportunities a brand might be missing. 

Your Unfair Podcast Advantage

Take advantage of podcast insights and enjoy massive business benefits such as:

  • Discover which brands are investing in podcast advertising
  • See the top podcast advertisers/sponsors by specific vertical or category
  • Uncover where your competitors are investing in this space, and how much they are spending
  • View trends in the industry and strike when the iron’s hot

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