Introducing the WinmoStream API

June 7, 2022

Introducing WinmoStream

Winmo, the #1 sales intelligence tool for the marketing and advertising industry, is giving its customers even more flexibility to utilize its sales intelligence and provide personnel and representatives with relevant information when they need it.  Winmo is accomplishing this through the WinmoStream API. “Logging into Winmo for exclusive sales leads is an essential part of our customer’s daily routine. To make accessing and distributing Winmo’s daily sales leads even easier, WinmoStream will help sales operations and CRM managers easily distribute leads, set up alerts, and realize all the benefits of Winmo within their native CRM environments,” said Dave Currie, CEO of Winmo and its parent company List Partners, LLC.

Streamline the Sales Process (and BYO-CRM!)

Simply put, the WinmoStream API affords Winmo customers the ability to streamline accessing Winmo data and create more actionable leads for accelerated pipeline velocity. 

Transporting contact data typically involves utilizing a CRM as a destination for the data to easily organize/manage it, and WinmoStream is CRM-agnostic and Winmo will not make customers choose a specific CRM to integrate with. The WinmoStream API also allows for sales teams to automate data updates via Winmo on a daily, weekly, or designated interval basis. Additionally, you can set up automatic data pulls and automated alerts in your sales workspace about relevant prospects and categories.

Why Would I Need an API?

Integrating a CRM with Winmo is incredibly useful to sales reps and the business at large, as it improves upon and expands the ecosystem of data that a sales department uses every day. The business benefits are massive:

  • Set up timely, automated updates + alerts in your sales workspace about the prospects and categories you care about, and create a unified front for your sales/partnerships team to get your foot in the door before competitors
  • Winmo data will be centrally located and easily accessible, no need to login to Winmo to source contact information
  • Salespeople who are ingesting data typically export a CSV file and then set up an import into their CRM, and then need to rinse and repeat every time they want fresh or different data. WinmoStream removes the need for these steps
  • Save hundreds of hours with a streamlined and improved process for anyone who is pulling data from Winmo

Interested in expanding the ecosystem of data that a Sales team uses every day? Learn more about the API and request access to this new feature here:

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