Navigating B2B Sales During COVID-19

March 24, 2020

Our world has been turned upside down navigating B2B sales during COVID-19. Today, for many sales professionals, the question is, how do I proceed in an unprecedented economic environment? Winmo CEO, Dave Currie, spoke with revenue teams across the advertising landscape, from adtech and media sales to agency and sponsorship, to learn how they’ve pivoted.

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While we’re all facing significant challenges, the current crisis provides an opportunity to work on the issues and opportunities that sit on the back burner of most sales teams. Now’s the time to marshal the brainpower of your key people to address game-changing priorities on navigating B2B sales

Since quarantine began, there has been a considerable drop in worldwide advertising spending because wherever consumer behavior shifts, advertising spend shifts in response. According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau, almost a quarter (24%) of media buyers, planners, and brands paused spending through Q2, while 46% indicated they would adjust their ad spend for the same time period. Successful organizations are recalibrating. They’re prioritizing the right prospect sets and executing an approach that shows empathy and compassion.

Check out his interview with our CMO Jennifer Groese for practical tips on navigating B2B sales during COVID-19.

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