25+ Space Jam: A New Legacy Brand Partnerships

July 15, 2021

Just as Black Widow pushed aside Fast (Nine?) at the box officeSpace Jam: A New Legacy is set to release this Friday and will be the most anticipated ad, er, movie, in quite some time. If you get the urge to respond, “they don’t make ’em like they used to,” fear not, you can still visit the original Space Jam website for nostalgia. But, moving on, we’ve compiled a list of more than 25 brands releasing Space Jam-themed merch and entertainment.

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Check out the full list of Lebron James-tested and Bugs Bunny-approved products below:

  1. BarkBox – Space Jam: A New Legacy-themed chew toys and plush squeak toys.
  2. Bleacher Report – Movie-inspired fashion collections.
  3. Bloomingdale’s – The Carousel, the retailer’s rotating pop-up shop, will have a unique curation for families including court-inspired fashion and outdoor entertaining.
  4. Converse – New graphic Looney Tunes sneakers.
  5. Crocs – New Space Jam: A New Legacy slide-on footwear.
  6. Forever 21 – Movie-inspired fashion collections.
  7. Fortnite – LeBron James joins the Icon Series.
  8. Fossil – Exclusive Space Jam by Fossil collection, featuring accessories, a limited-edition box set, limited-edition watches, backpacks, leather goods, and more.
  9. Funko – New Pop! figures, keychains, Mystery minis, and a Space Jam: A New Legacy Funkoverse board game.
  10. GameStop – A Collector’s box containing themed socks, a mini basketball, a water bottle, a Bugs Bunny pin, and a LeBron Smols.
  11. GAP – Movie-inspired fashion collections.
  12. General Mills – Limited-edition “Space Jam: A New Legacy” cereal.
  13. Kraft Heinz – Space Jam-themed Kraft Mac & Cheese and limited-edition onesie PJs.
  14. MeUndies – Movie-inspired fashion collections.
  15. McDonald’s – Partnered with Diamond Supply Co. on a collection of jerseys, shorts, sweatshirts, and more; McDonald’s has also released Space Jam toys for new Happy Meals.
  16. Nifty’s – The NFT social media platform is launching in partnership with Warner Bros. with NFTs for Space Jam
  17. Nike – New Space Jam: A New Legacy collection featuring LeBron James and Tune Squad characters including Bugs Bunny and Lola Bunny.
  18. NTWRK x UNKWN – Movie-inspired fashion collections
  19. Penguin Random House – new Little Golden Book called “Tune Squad,” a picture book “Tunes vs. Goons,” and “Space Jame: A New Legacy: The Junior Novelization.”
  20. Spalding – Exclusive hoops, balls, and other limited-edition merchandise.
  21. Spayground – Back to school accessories like backpacks, lunch bags, and other supplies.
  22. Tommy Hilfiger – Movie-inspired fashion collections.
  23. Torrid – Movie-inspired fashion collections.
  24. Vilebrequin – New swimwear and leisurewear collection.
  25. Loungefly – Back to school accessories like backpacks, lunch bags, and other supplies.
  26. Fast Forward – Back to school accessories like backpacks, lunch bags, and other supplies.
  27. New Era – New Space Jam headwear.
  28. Love Your Melon – New Space Jam headwear.

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