Updated July 2023: Winmo Adds Social Spending Across 5 Platforms (Interactive Tour)

July 12, 2023

In 2023, Winmo, the most widely used B2B sales intelligence tool for the advertising industry in the US and UK, added social media channels to the brand database that sellers trust to identify ad prospects, agencies, and decision-makers. Its vast database of brands and agencies now includes social spend across the five largest social media platforms — TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

The social advertising feature allows sell-side teams to quickly search social advertisers, size up opportunities, and open doors with the brand and agency decision-makers who control these budgets. Sales teams who rely on Winmo to uncover leads based on planning periods and spend across delivery mediums including display, print, TV, radio, OOH, podcast, and CTV, can now spot spending surges that precipitate larger investment, as well as key signals from major brands.

NEW as of July 2023: Winmo users can now search by social spending based on purchasing methods. 

Give it a try with this interactive tour:

Purchasing Methods Include:

  • Programmatic advertising: The process of automatically buying and selling digital ad space.
  • Programmatic direct: When premium brands bid directly on a specific publisher’s premium inventory with higher rates (ie, a home page ad on cnn.com).
  • House ads: Advertisements that are run by the website. These are commonly used in periods where there is not 100% fill. (ie, cnn.com will place an ad on their own website to promote their daily newsletter).
  • Programmatic/ad network and ad network: When brands use an ad network to buy ad inventory. If the ad network buys the inventory through an ad exchange it will be indicated as programmatic/ad network (with the ad exchange as the middleman).
  • Direct: When an ad is bought directly by the brand from the publisher with no middleman involved. So, no network or ad exchange. These ads may be bought directly from the cnn.com media team — usually for premium inventory on the website or as an advertising package that includes different placements.

How can you get your hands on Winmo’s social spending data?

Ready to add social intelligence to your Winmo subscription? Request access. Not a Winmo customer yet? Request social spending and brand and agency intelligence.




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