48 Hours, 48 Websites, & The Road to 100,000 Lives

October 31, 2018

A few weeks ago, the Winmo team volunteered to participate in Atlanta’s annual 48in48 event, working to develop new websites for participating nonprofits. Starting on a Friday night, our team of developers and marketers met at the event headquarters to sketch out the site, discuss needs, and assign tasks. Together, the team completed a brand new WordPress-powered site, complete with new copy, images, email templates, and more, delivering a fresh new website to our assigned nonprofit by Sunday afternoon.

Getting to use our skills to help a nonprofit in need was incredibly rewarding! And while we can’t share which organization we worked with, we are proud to report that our client was thrilled with the new site.

But this isn’t about tooting our own horn! We’re taking this opportunity to share more about such a compelling organization, with whom we’ve partnered to further our mission to impact 100,000 lives by 2020.

What Is 48in48?

48in48 mission

How powerful would it be to let highly skilled professionals use their skill set to help nonprofits grow? That’s the central question and mission of national volunteer organization 48in48.

48in48 is an event where developers, coders, designers, and marketing professionals in one city work together to build 48 websites for 48 nonprofits in 48 hours. At these 48-hour events, professional sites are created for each nonprofit.

And the good doesn’t stop there.

48in48 doesn’t just build websites for nonprofit leaders who lack the resources; the organization also offers six to 10 weeks of marketing and branding training before each event takes place. When the event wraps up, and the website is completed, 48in48 participants are left with a beautiful site and a fresh, actionable marketing strategy.

Winmo’s Mission: Impacting 100,000 Lives by 2020

In pursuit of our own mission to impact 100,000 lives by 2020, Winmo ensures that the 48in48 organization continues to grow by providing our deep understanding of the marketing and technology landscape. In addition to fielding our own volunteer team, we also offer our sales intelligence software to assist in recruiting agency professionals willing to donate their time and expertise to these hack-a-thon weekend events.winmo mission

Partnering with such an impactful cause is a natural fit for Winmo; beyond our mission to impact 100,000 lives, we also work with agency and nonprofit professionals every single day. We love working with 48in48 because it engages our team, builds culture, and connects our work to the local community through sponsorship and volunteering.

“In our journey to impact 100,000 lives by 2020, the decision to partner with 48in48 was an easy one,” said Jennifer Groese, VP of Marketing at List Partners. “We’re proud to enable their partnership team with Winmo so they can effectively find new sponsors for their events throughout the US, and now across the pond as well. The best part? Seeing our very own employees dedicate their weekends by volunteering at both the Atlanta and New York events – we’re putting in the work as well!”

Using direct contacts found through Winmo, 48in48 continues to progress towards their goal of reaching 48 cities by 2025. They currently host events in Boston, Minneapolis, Atlanta, and New York. Leveraging Winmo’s platform, the 48in48 team has been able to effectively target the industry professionals needed to support their aggressive growth goals.

Assessing the Impact: NYC and Atlanta Events

Volunteers, sponsors, and partners came together in New York and Atlanta on October 12-14. Groups came together to share ideas and talents and made a significant impact in just one weekend.

According to 48in48, results include:

  • 500 volunteers working together in Atlanta and New York
  • $3 million value in digital marketing and web services for nonprofits in Atlanta and New York
  • 49 newsletter designs for nonprofits in Atlanta
  • 33 high school students from LexisNexis & TAG-Ed helping in Atlanta

Join Winmo in Partnering with 48in48

We encourage you to get involved in your community and help those nonprofits that exist to do good. There are so many different opportunities within 48in48 such as:

  • General volunteering
  • Projecting managing
  • Digital marketing
  • Planning committees

Ultimately, it’s corporate support that makes 48in48 possible. It’s a unique opportunity to support a broad range of causes with a single investment; as an organization aimed at helping nonprofits generally, 48in48 has worked in everything from nonprofits arts organizations to youth recreation groups and beyond.  Sponsorship opportunities include:

  • Global and national partnerships
  • Local (single-city) event sponsorships
  • Impact lab presenters
  • Volunteer digital teams

Here at Winmo, working with 48in48 has challenged us to look outside of ourselves and use our talents and resources for a greater good. We encourage you and your business to do the same and find a way to get involved and give back to your local community!

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