Brands Increasing Digital Ad Spend

June 25, 2020

Summer is here and we are still social distancing. Some stores and restaurants are opening safely and more people are venturing out of their homes. What does this mean for advertisers? At Winmo, we track up-to-the-minute spend shifts to keep sellers apprised of opportunities emerging right now. As we roll into Q3, here is a collection of advertisers with dramatic increases in digital ad spend in the past 30-60 days. Interested in decision-maker contact information and agency relationships for these brands increasing ad spend? Request their full profiles here!


Vacation rental marketplace VRBO (Vacation Rentals by Owner) has increased its spending exponentially in the past 90 days, with a significant investment going toward video ads. As families think about traveling more, VRBO is looking to add more ways to facilitate a seamless transition from staying at home.

US Army and have increased their digital ad spend to promote recruiting drives this year. The U.S. Army increased spending by $4.2 million since April, with a breakdown spanning programmatic, direct, video, and native ads.

US Airforce

The U.S. Airforce is the #3 advertiser in Law/Gov’t. category with 21 more ads running in June compared to May. They have increased spending by $5 million in the last two months.

Media and entertainment advertisers have also seen an uptick:

EA (also EA Sports)

EA, a top publisher of interactive entertainment software for gaming systems and computers, sits at #4 in our hobbies/gaming category within Adbeat. We have seen a steady increase in their digital ad spend, with a majority going to video, and top publishers including Youtube and


Premium movie service, Starz saw a 66% increase in their digital spend in Q1. We expect a continued push for increased ad spending as the content provider promoted their CMO and hired a new SVP at the beginning of this year.


Spotify, the music streaming mogul, has seen a sustained increase in digital media spend since 2018. Recently the company has partnered with Chiquta and created scannable stickers for exclusive mixes and free subscriptions. This interactive campaign is geared toward people continuing to stay at home. The company has increased its spending by $3.2 million in the past could months.

Consumer electronics brands have also seen an influx of digital spend…

Best Buy

As predicted by our WinmoEdge team in late 2019, Best Buy has increased its digital ad spend after a CEO change in 2019. The company has seen an increase of $1.6 million since April.


Phillips consumer electronics has seen a $1.1 million increase in ad spend with a heightened push on mobile ads. So far all have been placed programmatically.

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