Winmo Launches HubSpot Integration For Contact Export

October 29, 2018

Big news! We’re excited to announce that Winmo users can now export verified, up-to-date marketing decision-makers and contacts from Winmo directly into HubSpot.

While we’ve always integrated with Salesforce, our users have been clamoring for a turnkey HubSpot connector that lets them export verified, up-to-date contact information from Winmo into their marketing automation platform.

This month, the long-awaited HubSpot connector launched, deploying a super easy-to-use tool that saves our clients the time of exporting a list from Winmo, then importing it into HubSpot. In fact, there’s a host of benefits that make this connector a game changer.

We’re excited about this integration for four high-level reasons:

  1. Fill Your Pipeline with Quality Leads: Export verified names, titles, emails, phone numbers, and company information from Winmo directly into your HubSpot instance for targeted marketing and sales outreach.
  2. Simple and Drama-Free: No complicated installation. All you need is your HubSpot login.
  3. Get Data Where it Needs to Go: Add contacts to existing HubSpot lists right from Winmo, and use custom mapping to ensure that information from Winmo is routed to the appropriate fields.
  4. Seamlessly Track ROI: Track return on investment by adding Winmo as the lead source on your exports.

What Clients Are Saying About the HubSpot Integration

While this integration has only been live for a few weeks, we’ve already gotten some super positive feedback from our Winmo clients. The topline takeaway? The HubSpot integration is already saving clients time.

Here’s just one way that it can do the same for you: If you’re a Winmo client who uses HubSpot as your primary CRM, add a text field to your imports to append the data with the sales rep to whom the lead should be assigned. This ensures that the lead routes to the right sales rep, reducing time spent grooming and maintain data and allowing viable leads to be worked sooner.

In addition, clients using HubSpot for marketing automation can set up targeted nurture campaigns designed to appeal to the needs of specific audiences built using Winmo. For example, if you’re targeting CMOs in the Beverage Industry as well as West Coast Media Agencies, you can export each specific prospect list built through Winmo to HubSpot. All you need to do is build a killer nurture email campaign for each segment (we recommend these subject lines to go with it), and voilà! Prospecting made easier.

hubspot integration gif

Four Ways the HubSpot Integration Will Make Your Life Easier

Ultimately, we believe that this integration will save time and lift some of the burdens in the prospecting process. But how? We’re sharing four ways our new HubSpot integration will make your life easier:

  1. Add Winmo as the lead source on your exports to gage conversions and ROI resulting from the data you export.
  2. Use the custom mapping feature to map your fields correctly to ensure that all of the data goes to the right place, every time.
  3. Add contacts to lists automatically. Winmo’s HubSpot connector queries your HubSpot to find all static lists; you can select the list you wish to add contacts to each time.
  4. Export one-by-one or in bulk. You can select a contact in any Winmo profile (or even WinmoEdge article) and export them to HubSpot. Or, you can build prospect lists in Winmo and export them in bulk to HubSpot.

HubSpot Caps Off a Year of Exciting Updates and Integrations

When we celebrated our third birthday at the beginning of October, we took a step back to consider all of the major changes and updated. In addition to October’s HubSpot launch, we’ve also updated time-savers like our updated recommendations page and in-app help desk. That’s to say nothing of the integrations beyond HubSpot that launched this year, like Hookit (sponsorship spending date), iSpot (TV advertising data), and Crystal Knows (scarily-accurate personality insights).

Take a look at the timeline of our last year for a big picture looks at all of the awesome ways we’ve improved our product.

Not a Winmo client, but interested in learning more about the HubSpot integration? Request a trial and see what the power of our predictive sales intelligence can do for you.

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