Winmo Users Score Deeper Digital Insights from Adbeat

Winmo Users Score Deeper Digital Insights from Adbeat

Winmo has partnered with ad measurement leader Adbeat to give users of its sales intelligence tool the digital buying insights they need to close more deals with top advertisers.

A newly launched integration brings select data from Adbeat, which crawls millions of sites to analyze over 8 million ads every day – directly into Winmo’s award-winning sales platform, breaking down digital ad budgets alongside the brand and agency decision-makers who spend them.adbeat-integration-winmo

“The digital landscape has become increasingly complex, and prospecting in this arena requires more and more advanced knowledge of a prospect’s activity to craft a compelling pitch and to help identify the best opportunities,” said Dave Thomson, Chief Revenue Officer of Winmo’s parent company, List Partners. “Adbeat’s unparalleled view of the landscape will provide a quick study on digital ad behavior, and we’re thrilled to provide this intelligence in the same place our clients find contacts, spend, and brand-agency relationships.”

The new integration gives Winmo customers access to a selection of expertly sourced data from Adbeat, including:

  • Top Creative: An overview of creative across Standard, Native, Video and Landing Pages
  • Advertiser Overview: Number of ads running by days of the month, breakdown across HTML, Image, and Text, and percentage of ads placed Direct vs. Programmatic vs. Native
  • Publisher Sites: Latest publishers and Top 10 publisher site destinations ads have appeared on over the past 30 days

Benefits and Use Cases:

Media Sellers: Sell More Ads at Higher Premiums

Publishers and ad networks can consult Winmo’s Adbeat integration to determine where a potential partner is currently running ads, what percentage of their ads are placed as native, direct, or programmatic and in return translate this insight into a pitch that demonstrates their role in future growth.

Adtech: Identify Brands with a Need for Specific Offerings

Marketing technology providers can leverage Adbeat intelligence in Winmo to evaluate a potential partner’s need for their solution. With advanced knowledge of the ad formats a brand is serving, the percentage of ads placed programmatically versus direct, and breakdowns across standard, video, display and more, sellers can focus on the opportunities most likely to convert.

Agencies: Generate More Leads & Stronger Pitches

New business development professionals can rely on Winmo’s Adbeat integration to identify brands with a need for digital services and craft more targeted, relevant proposals. With a look at ad creative, landing pages and digital strategy, agencies can clearly demonstrate how they can help a partner drive future growth.

“Adbeat’s core mission is to empower both buyers and sellers of digital advertising with actionable competitive insights to help discover new business and close more sales,” said Mike Colella, Founder & CEO of Adbeat.  “With the integration of Adbeat’s industry-leading ad intelligence data into Winmo’s already robust sales intelligence platform, Winmo users will gain a real-time picture of the digital advertising landscape helping them to identify and capitalize on even more opportunities.”

Join Winmo expert John Zaldonis for a deep dive into Winmo’s partnership with Adbeat. Bringing unparalleled digital insights right to your fingertips with a seamless integration into the Winmo platform.


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