Winmo’s 2020 Product Enhancements

June 22, 2020

Although the first half of 2020 has been unpredictable, you can rely on Winmo’s product development to keep to enhancements coming. Just this year our team has added all kinds of integrations and upgrades to help our clients connect to their targets. Check out our newest releases (and get a sneak peek at what is to come) or request more information here.


Search Companies by NAICS Code 

Within our Advanced Search option, find a North American Industry Classification System drop-down option. This feature is great for faster, more customized company results. 


Export to Microsoft Dynamics 

Even. More. Export. Options! We have added Microsoft Dynamics to our list of CRM platforms compatible with Winmo. 

Sponsorship Partner Data

GO TEAM! Sponsorship Partner data across five major sports leagues – NBA, NFL, MLB, MLS, NHL. Find brands/companies that have sponsorships in place for each league + team and for what season.


Direct Response TV Insights

With help from our friends at IMS Media Analytics, DRTV insights are at your fingertips. Find out what brands are spending in the DRTV space as well as the types of campaigns they are running.


WinMore Podcast   



Winmo’s very own John Zaldonis and Joe Winter take a deep dive into WinmoEdge’s latest stories: providing insights, details, and key contacts for new business opportunities weekly.


Find Sponsorship Placement With GumGum 

On top of team brand partnership information, you can now look to our GumGum Integration to showcase actual brand placements in a team’s arena.

As we continue into 2020 we are excited about the enhancements and integrations to come:

We are adding a way to find B2B Intent Data with Bombora. Learn when your prospects are most likely to start researching for new tools and services – based on their search patterns. 

To help streamline your outreach, include detailed personality information through Crystal Knows’ Playbooks. These brand-specific breakdowns allow sales teams to present the personality insights of a company or individual in a concise fashion.


Interested in the unfair advantage our clients get from these awesome partners?

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