100 Sponsorship Spenders Planning in Q2

100 Sponsorship Spenders Planning in Q2

Instead of hitting the same tired prospect list right now, our most successful sponsorship sales and ad sales clients are finding creative ways to surface leads most likely to convert. They’re harnessing the power of Winmo’s smart filters to uncover adjacent verticals, new decision-maker sets, and lists like the one we’ve put together for you below – 100 sponsorship spenders planning in Q2.

Representing opportunity for multiple audiences, these marketers have previously invested in sports sponsorships, live events, and experiential marketing, and they’re likely to do it again. And because it’s crucial to reach the right account at the right time (when budget is available), we’ve focused on those currently deciding where to allocate their marketing dollars for upcoming campaigns.

These are a natural target for sponsorship sellers, but also for ad sales executives who may benefit from some portion of marketing outlays shifting from live events and into more traditional media channels.

Who can benefit from this list?

Sponsorship Sellers

If you sell sponsorships for events, experiential offerings or sports, brands are still hungry for exposure right now, whether through virtualized experiences, related media channels or upcoming in-person events that promise to bring us together in better days. These brands have spent in the past on experiential marketing and we forecast they will do it again soon.

We’ve also included a key title responsible for sponsorship decision-making.

Media Sellers

While these brands are known to dedicate significant budgets to sponsorships in years past, it’s possible that brands in this category will be moving some budget that would have gone to live events into more traditional advertising vehicles. Right now is a time to evaluate their needs, determine if your audience matches up with their target, and offer up inventory that will be an attractive safe bet.

The Right Messaging

A word to the wise: inboxes are being flooded right now, so we advise taking a more targeted approach to stand out from the crowd when reaching out to these prospects. Considering they’re currently in planning, it’s worth the extra step to reach them at the right time with the right message. Investigate the current campaigns a marketer is running, their demographic targets, and the background of the decision-maker you’re reaching out to in order to craft a compelling argument for why your offering compliments their existing strategy (or could help elevate it).

If this seems like a lot of work, our research team is in the trenches every day, and if you’d benefit from accessing the full profiles for these advertisers, including buying behavior, current sports partners, full decision-maker details and more, we’ll be happy to set up a free trial of Winmo to give you the unfair advantage you need right now.


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