SponsorUnited Competitive Analysis

August 4, 2021

Having the right sales enablement tools in your arsenal can make the difference between mediocre results and thriving success. Two sales enablement tools in the industry, Winmo and SponsorUnited, provide sales intelligence so teams can turn more sponsorship leads into deals. However, the landscape is crowded. 

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Today, predictive intelligence sets Winmo apart because it allows sales teams to get ahead of opportunities and prospect proactively rather than reactively. Winmo uncovers emerging opportunities and enables brands to win more business by pointing them to the right contacts at precisely the right time. While both platforms share similarities, they are quite different in their approach. Therefore, the depth of information you need for your prospecting will likely dictate which technology is best for you and your sales organization. 

To help make an informed decision on which of the two meets your immediate and long-term needs, keep reading.

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Sales teams at both large and small corporations can find value in Winmo or SponsorUnited.

Although to maintain a full pipeline by focusing on future opportunities, Winmo may be the perfect fit. When determining which option is best for your team, ask if yourself if you need to know

  • When brands are planning sponsorship budgets.
  • What demographics brands target.
  • Information about new sponsorships and how to approach those opportunities.
  • In-depth and accurate contact information.
  • What percentage of a brand’s sponsorship spend is allocated to teams, leagues, athletes, and events.
  • That you’ll be working with a trusted sponsorship industry adviser with 25+ years of experience.

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