5 UK Decision-Maker Shifts You Should Know About

August 13, 2019

When it comes to winning new business, knowing when to reach out (and to who)  is essential. Over the years we’ve found that changes in leadership are the number one signal for an agency review and evaluation of current systems and strategies in place. In fact, according to our CMO Tenure report, the sweet spot for engaging marketing executives is within 3-12 months of starting their new role. 

New hires are typically supported with increases in spend and a bolstered marketing team as well. Decision-makers on the move signal a brand is getting serious about its investments in advertising and marketing expansion. 

In order to take the grunt work out of your prospecting, we’re bringing you five brands with shifts in leadership to pursue now: 

1. Sky Loses Top Marketer to Disney Amid Spend Decreases 

According to sources, Sky lost UK&I CMO Luke Bradley-Jones earlier this month. He is expected to take a senior role at Disney, though the exact position has not yet been announced. A replacement for Sky’s vacant role has not been announced, and they may choose not to fill it. 

Bradley-Jones is not the only executive departure. COO and CFO Andrew Griffith departed in July and a replacement has not yet been named. 

Agency and Martech Opportunity: Along with these major shifts, Sky also brought on a number of lower-level personnel. These personnel are likely to review agency relationships, especially if a replacement for Bradley-Jones is named. However, agencies are encouraged to reach out for project-based or digital work considering creative, media, PR, and social media were retained in 2018. Focus pitches on differentiating Sky from its competitors, especially BBC, EE, and Disney. 

Media Seller Opportunity: Sky typically uses omnichannel strategies to reach a wide range of customers. Main channels include cinema, digital, direct email, door drop, outdoor, press, radio, TV, earned and social media, experiential and sponsorship. Spend has seen decreases, but these may reverse with new leadership in place. 

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2. Manolo Blahnik Promotes CMO Amid First Digital Display Push 

Luxury shoe brand Manolo Blahnik promoted Carla Filmer from global communications director to CMO, effective July. Prior to working with the shoe brand, Filmer was employed with Louis Vuitton UK and L’Oreal. 

Agency and Martech Opportunity: Readers are encouraged to approach the brand now. Filmer may decide to revamp her department with new hires and could potentially call for reviews, so it’s imperative to get in touch sooner rather than later. 

Manolo Blahnik recently purchased Italian women’s shoe manufacturer Calzaturificio Re Marcello, so watch out for other expansions and mergers. Keep an eye out for strategy shifts under the new leadership as well. Keep in mind the target demographic consists of a wide array of consumers. 

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3. Make It Cheaper Loses CMO, Adds New Members to Marketing Department 

Make It Cheaper, the platform to help consumers and businesses find affordable utilities, recently lost CMO Sam Reynolds to Zero Deposit. A replacement has not been named yet. Along with this shift, Head of Digital Lilia Dikova was recently hired along with Chief Customer Officer Glyn Britton. 

Agency and Martech Opportunity: With all the shifts in leadership, agency and martech readers are encouraged to reach out to see what work is available. Reviews are likely within the coming 12-18 months. 

Media Seller Opportunity: Sellers who have to ability to attract businesses and people with a need for an easier way to handle utilities should reach out for revenue. 

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4. Actegy Health Strengthens Marketing Team, Hires Two Marketing Directors 

Medical goods company Actegy Health hired Lee Smith as it’s marketing director, effective March, to oversee the marketing function. Two directors were also brought on the team in an effort to support Smith. Several other lower-level shifts followed as well. 

Agency and Martech Opportunity: These personnel are likely to review agency relationships, so reach out now in order to remain top-of-mind. Focus pitches on boosting the Revitive brand as well as differentiating the brand from other circulation products. 

Media Seller Opportunity: There’s a good chance we’ll see spend increases under the new hires in order to support their efforts. The company’s top spending periods fluctuate, so focus on planning period Q3 and buying period Q2. With a diverse demographic, omnichannel approaches are most effective. 

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5. In-Game Advertising Co Bidstack Group Hires CMO, CCO to Continue Growth 

Bidstack Group, a provider of native advertising for the global video games industry, hired Simon Gosling as it’s CMO in July. In the new role, he will work to improve the company’s positioning and inform clients about offerings. 

This shift was followed by the hire of Rob Dembitz as chief commercial officer, effective July. He will work to create clear commercial strategies to further position Bidstack as a leading in-game advertising group. On top of those appointments, Bidstack recently hired sales VP Lewis Sherlock, client services and operations head Grace Cooke, products head Mortiz Natalini, creative director Will Stewart, and marketing director Vanessa Yu. 

Agency and Martech Opportunity: This new leadership is likely to review agency relationships, so agencies and martechs should reach out. Focus pitches on helping Bidstack become the leading global provider of in-game programmatic advertising. Bidstack is currently trying to reach that goal through expanded offerings and acquisitions. 

Media Seller Opportunity: With growth objectives and expanded leadership, Bidstack is likely to see spend increases. Increased marketing will be necessary in order to stay top-of-mind in the growing in-game advertising market. Competitors include Playwire Media, Electronic Arts, Double Fusion, Engage Advertising, and Giftgaming. Sellers are encouraged to reach out. Keep in mind no top spending period has been established, and spend is high throughout the year. The target demographic consists of game publishers and developers as well as advertising agencies, brands and programmatic advertising platforms. 

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