Advertising Decision-Makers on the Move

July 11, 2019

When it comes to winning new business, timing is everything. While there are a number of prospecting triggers, nothing highlights a ripe window of opportunity quite like a brand who just hired a new marketing lead. 

According to our CMO Tenure Report, the sweet spot for engaging marketing leaders and CMOs is within 3-12 months of starting their new role. During that time, media vendors, agency relationships, technologies, and strategies are likely to be reevaluated. 

New hires are typically supported by a bolstered marketing team and spikes in spend in order to support their efforts. Decision-makers on the move signal a brand is getting serious about its investments in advertising and marketing expansion. 

Aside from immediate opportunities we’ve listed below, we also recommend checking out the full list of newly-hired UK decision-makers here.

PayBreak Snags New Chief Marketing Officer from Divido 

The finance specialist for online retailers, PayBreak, which owns affordItNow, appointed Chief Marketing Officer Anthony Harrison. He previously served as the marketing and partnerships director at Divido. 

Martech and Agency Opportunity: As you may know, shifts in leadership are the number one trigger for agency new business. Now that a new marketing hire is in place, Harrison may decide to get a fresh start on the roster revamp as he evaluates current systems and strategies in place. 

Media Seller Opportunity: Sellers specifically with experience working with financial companies are encouraged to reach out in order to secure revenue for the remainder of the year. Those with the ability to capture the attention of retailers should reach out as soon as possible. 

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Beauty Pie hires creative AOR, Paid Media Head 

Beauty Pie, a buyers club for luxury beauty, hired Crispin Porter & Bogusky as it’s creative and brand strategy AOR. The agency will assist Beauty Pie in efforts to grow it’s UK business and launch in the US. 

Media Seller Opportunity: While there is no set campaign launch date for Crispin, sellers should reach out in order to remain top-of-mind. Q4 is typically the period of highest spend for the brand in an effort to capitalize on the holiday season. However, keep an eye out for new products throughout the year. Those with the ability to engage Gen-X and millennial women will likely have the advantage. 

Agency and Martech Opportunity: Yonder Media was hired as media AOR the same time as Above + Beyond, the brand’s previous creative AOR. Therefore, we may see Yonder lose the account. The vulnerability is furthered due to the fact that reviews tend to follow each other. Focus pitches on helping Beauty Pie differentiate itself from more well-known beauty competitors such as Glossier, Estee Lauder and Clinique. 

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Electronic Scooter Co Bird Launched D2C Product, Raises £474, Promotes Marketing Lead 

Due to strict scooter regulations, electric scooters don’t have much traction in London. However, these laws aren’t stopping Bird, the electric scooter company based in California. They are taking the approach of a direct-to-consumer option with the launch of the Bird One, which takes advantage of scooter’s legality on private property. 

With a loophole for its product, Bird is likely to increase spend in order to support expansion efforts. The company also raised £237m in Series C funding last June. 

Media Seller Opportunity: With funding and predicted spend increases, sellers are encouraged to reach out for revenue. There is currently no spend reported in the UK, but in the future it will most likely use digital, earned media and experiential to mirror activity in the US. target demographic consist of mostly millennials and Gen-Z, and there is no current top spending period. 

Agency and Martech Opportunity: These marketing efforts will be led by Rebecca Hahn, who was recently promoted to the brand CMO function, effective April. On a mission for growth in the UK market, Hahn will likely be on the search for agencies to assist in these efforts. Focus pitches on helping increase Bird’s awareness and standing out from main competitor Lime. 

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Imminent Q4 Opp: Warburtons Taps Robert De Niro for Another Big Campaign 

Warburtons, the British bakery based in Bolton, enlisted the talents of major star Robert de Niro for it’s latest campaign. The campaign was created by Engine and Freuds, per Prolific North, with media handled by Mindshare UK. “GoodBagels” runs across TV, social, digital and OOH. 

After the success found with de Niro’s first appearance in the Warburtons Easter campaign, they decided to bring him back again. Head of marketing Chris Hook was promoted at the end of last year, so keep an eye out for review announcements. 

Media Seller Opportunity: Q2 and Q4 are typically peak spending periods, so sellers are encouraged to reach out for revenue with the upcoming holidays as soon as possible. Keep in mind the main audience consists of women ages 25-40 and Gen-Z consumers through TV, outdoor and digital channels. 

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