Entertainment Opportunities

Entertainment Opportunities

With both the Grammys and BAFTAs handing out their awards over the weekend, we thought it was a good excuse to look at other opportunities in the entertainment industry, which has been bustling with activity since the turn of the year. As usual, Winmo subscribers can click the brand to jump to more information on this opportunity — non subscribers should request a free no-strings trial.

Star Trek: Discovery

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Starting in May, the latest entry into the Star Trek canon will be available in most countries the day after its broadcast on CBS in the US. Leslie Moonve, CEO at CBS, says Netflix “struck a significant international deal” for licensing, which includes every other Star Trek television property. Creative and media opportunities with Netflix are often on a per-project basis, so if you have a handle on the sci-fi convention-going millennial male market don’t just sit there marveling, engage (see what I did there, twice?)

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Will new chief marketer strike the right tune?

Contributing 92 percent of total revenues in 2015, paid subscribers keep Spotify’s needle in the groove, and 40 percent of Spotify users pay for the service. The problem is Karen Staughton, recently hired as head of consumer marketing, is heading to the US for a new gig away from Spotify. Whoever takes her vacant seat will have big shoes to fill, and as with any movement at the top of the marketing organization, that’s a strong indicator of changes to agency relationships in the near future.

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Merlin Entertainment

A famous wizard’s name and back to school opps, but nothing to do with Harry Potter.

Home to Legoland and Sea Life, Merlin operates over 100 attractions, eight hotels and three holiday villages across four continents. Legoland at the Trafford Centre just got a makeover, so if your sweet spot is media and creative for back to school and Christmas campaigns aimed at primary and middle school kids, Merlin Entertainment should be on your call list.

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Could new investment stir the pot for agency relationships?

The US-based Lionsgate, which you know from such films as Manchester by the Sea, The Hunger Games and The Expendables, along with shows like The Royals and Orange is the New Black, have made an equity investment in UK drama company Potboiler Television, which produced Alan Rickman’s A Little Chaos and Philip Seymour Hoffman’s A Most Wanted Man (but they’re probably not cursed). What you should also know is that Lionsgate spends most of its money in Q1-Q3, so there’s likely to be opportunities in the immediate future for everything from media to creative to sponsorship and promotions.

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Creative moves in-house as UKTV considers switching channels.

UKTV promoted Zoe Clapp to CMO last summer, and she swiftly began preparing to move creative for the TV operator to the in-house team, and ordering a media review. Media sellers with capabilities across print, digital, OOH and AV should put their ear to the ground for immediate opportunities, even if it’s in an advisory capacity to begin with.

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