New and Expanding Brand Opportunities

New and Expanding Brand Opportunities

It’s quite a puzzle. If you’re not marketing to millennials you’re missing out on the biggest generation in history; but if you are marketing to millennials they’re probably blocking whatever you’re doing because millennials disrupt, they don’t get disrupted. If you’re going to try to reach them you need to meet them where they are, which is to say on their mobile phones or getting uncomfortable by trying new things and actually being okay with it.

Here are a few millennial-focused prospecting ideas for brands that are new or expanding. If you’re a DailyVista subscriber, click the brand to go to exclusive information behind the story. If you’re not a subscriber, click one of the giant, obnoxious orange buttons to get a no-strings, full-feature trial.

Christopher Kane

Is the new CEO just a case of the emperor’s new clothes?

A new CEO is often seen as a good thing. A fresh perspective, a fresh focus on the things that really matter, can propel a brand from supporting to starting roles. But three different CEOs in two years indicates something might be rotten in the state of fashion-house Christopher Kane, or the luxury retailer is strategically appointing CEOs to guide them through specific growth opportunities. In this case, strategic marketing and media director, Nikolas Tolonpoika put on his big-boy trousers in mid-October, and will be responsible for growing the brand internationally.

If you’re selling space, there’ll probably be opportunities for print in the next six months—but don’t overlook video, which the brand appears to be playing with.

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Gordon Ramsay Group

Is the world’s biggest telly chef cooking up something new?

At one point a few years ago, Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants took the kind of nosedive in profits that your stomach would lurch just thinking about it. A bit like the dishes contestants on his TV shows have been serving up. But all that’s about to change following the promotion of Stuart Gillies to CEO in March, and the appointment of Chris Brogden as chief creative officer. Brodgen brings extensive experience as a TV producer, including programmes like I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!, The Games, and Maestro. He’ll head up in-house production company, Studio Ramsey, so don’t think you’ve seen the last of television’s angriest chef.

Depending on what Brogdan and co create at Studio Ramsay, there should be some sponsorship, and media opportunities. As foot traffic in Ramsay’s de-branded restaurants increases, and new locations are lined up for 2017, we might see some print, radio, and even TV opportunities.

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Sushi Gourmet

Does expansion into the UK mean this sushi company’s on a roll?

Sushi Gourmet have taken the fast lane to success in the UK by hiring multi-award winner Jason Danciger as managing director. The sushi and Japanese food chain operates out of supermarkets, so it was a masterstroke to bring in the former Garden Centre Group and Marks & Spencer hospitality honcho. In his time at Marks and Sparks he looked after almost 400 dining rooms, and he founded or created a handful of food and beverage brands while at The Garden Centre Group—so expect a commitment to excellence in customer experience.

Neville McCarthy Associates were enlisted to handle PR and communications for the launch, but as the brand gets a foothold look for opportunities across all media and sponsorships.

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TickX want you to want their app, and it’s not just a cheap trick.

If imitation is the highest form of flattery, sites like Priceline, Skycanner and TravelZoo should feel a swelling of pride as comparison shopping comes to event ticketing. TickX promises to help users of its app find events, compare tickets prices and make purchases through the platform. And it’s got some serious believers, winning Pitch of the Day at Venturefest Edinburgh and Ticketmaster’s DevJam Hackathon, all while exponentially growing revenue.

The team is closing in on a funding round of £750k, so be prepared to pitch, especially if you’ve got a solid history of work that resonates with millennials.

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