Prospect Watch: Samsung, Huddle & 4 Other Opps to Pursue ASAP

February 28, 2019

Winning business is all about reaching the right people at the right time, and Winmo is here to help you do just that. We’re taking a look at top February opportunities for you to pursue, with brands predicted to likely to begin agency reviews within the next 6-9 months.

These six opportunities came straight from our Vulnerable Account Index scoring system that ranks accounts on how soon they’ll be open to approaches from agencies. Our Winmo team updates the list every Friday with the latest news, giving you a leg up on your competitors by providing a timeline to unlock more sales opportunities before the competition.

Homeserve Opp:

Home insurance provider Homeserve promoted Chief Marketing Officer Giles Dunning in October. He previously served as interim marketing director and interim CMO. In addition, Interim Head of Digital Acquisition & Marketing Tony Barker and Head of Category Steven Clewes were hired while Director of Acquisition Marketing Amy Belbeck was promoted.

We advise agency and martech readers to get in touch just in case additional support is needed throughout 2019. Last H1, £3.4m was spent on branded media per Nielsen data. This account will expire off the VAI in the next few months so it would be good for agencies and sellers approach as soon as possible.

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Three Mobile Opp: 

Director of Marketing Experience Rebecca Griffith was promoted by Three Mobile this month, after serving as head of channel marketing for over seven years. Aside from her, there have been a number of new hires and promotions across the marketing, finance and data teams.

There may be opportunities across PR, digital, media and creative so Winmo’s experts bumped this up to an ‘Account in Jeopardy’, which will expire this November. Omnichannel sellers should reach out to media buyers now because the mobile carrier spending peaks are often unclear but anticipate Q2-3 campaigns to be sure.

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Aesop Opp: 

Aesop appointed Chief Marketing Officer Adam Kakembo and there were many decision-maker appointments made last year as well. Since leadership shifts tend to initiate reviews, agency and martech readers should approach immediately, even though the account won’t expire until the middle of Q4.

Those in press and online channels will have the advantage as these are often used to target Gen-X and millennial women. Watch rivals making marketing moves including Bobbi Brown and Avon.

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Samsung Opp: 

Samsung Electronics has promoted Jessica Woodward to European Head of Marketing & Campaigns and Head of Online Programmes to James Gould in the last three months. Agencies and martechs should reach out immediately as the company works with a large roster, which may be due for shifts.

Samsung spent £11.6m last H1 predominantly on TV and cinema, while outdoor, radio, digital and press reinforced. Omnichannel sellers and agencies should approach immediately as this technology giant typically spends throughout the year, ramping it up during the second half.

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Huddle Opp:

Enterprise document collaboration company Huddle appointed Chief Marketing Officer Tim Deluca-Smith, its former VP of marketing. Edge advises agencies and martechs to approach Deluca-Smith immediately. He is familiar with the company’s needs and may evaluate strategy as he gets back in the swing of things.

Sellers, especially those in digital, should get in touch now to secure revenue from upcoming initiatives. At the same time, keep watch for agency shifts that could occur in 2019.

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Cloud Call Opp: 

Daniel Fox was named Head of Marketing for UK recruitment at CloudCall, the voice, and communication system, before the start of the new year. He joins Sales & Marketing Director UK Matt Gayleard, as well as Marketing Director Melanie Dawes, who were also brought on last year.

Agency and martech readers are encouraged to pitch for the business that will expire from the VAI in October. These new marketing leaders are sure to have an impact on the next steps for growth. Online sellers and vendors familiar with the tech industry should also reach out immediately as you watch for agency shifts.

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