Winmo vs Pearlfinders

May 17, 2019

Winmo and Pearlfinders both work toward the same ultimate goal: to help clients win more business by unlocking qualified sales opportunities. Both platforms provide verified decision-maker details for a more targeted prospecting approach. While there are many similarities between the two platforms, there are many differences as well.

Pearlfinders considers itself the ultimate sales intelligence platform and works with some of the world’s most successful companies to help them win more business. For businesses on the hunt for new sales opportunities, Pearlfinders is certainly a valid resource to use. The question is though: How does it measure up to Winmo?

In this article, we’re comparing the differences between Pearlfinders and Winmo to help sales professionals, like yourself, make a more informed decision on which platform best suits their needs. Points of comparison include the number of contacts, third-party reviews, predictive sales insights, and industry-leading integrations.

Points of Comparison

Number of Contacts

If it’s a sheer numbers game and your purchase decision is based on HOW MUCH data you can pull out and plug into your email campaign, Pearlfinders has Winmo beat. While Winmo has over 30,000 verified decision-makers, Pearlfinders tops out at 48,000.

However, the Winmo database will increase following the partnership with Upfront Business Development. As part of the deal, Upfront will be integrating it’s existing Stay Upstream product into the Winmo platform.

Third Party Reviews

What’s more credible than a third party review? It’s not the company themselves saying how great they are, but rather real people who have used the product for their own business development efforts either currently, or in the past.

While Pearlfinders and Winmo both have client testimonials sprinkled throughout their website, Winmo has an arsenal of 250+ reviews on business solutions review platform, G2Crowd. Here’s an example of what Winmo customers are saying:

“I’ve been very impressed with Winmo- the quality of contacts is the best I’ve ever seen after using countless different tools over the last 7 years. I like the ability to see brand spend which allows us to target businesses better, as an agency it’s also particularly useful to see who the incumbent supplier is at present. I also find WinmoEdge useful, in particular the future-focused nature- far too many tools tell you information about brands that you already know or when it’s too late to act upon.”

-James Lilley, Jaywing Partnership Development Director

Predictive Sales Insights

Pearlfinders without a doubt has the ability to connect you with key decision-makers, and also works to make sure you are up-to-date on any key leadership changes or strategy shifts. The trouble however with reaching out to decision-makers once the news has already been reported is that your competitors are doing the exact same thing. So, how do you stay one step ahead?

Winmo’s favorite feature, WinmoEdge, gives clients the ability to substantially get ahead of new business opportunities. Supported by a team of industry analysts, WinmoEdge highlights sales triggers 3-18 months before they happen, providing a unique window of opportunity to connect and close the sale before your competitors even know about it. Even better, Winmo has a track record of success, proving a 73% success rate on their new business forecasts. That means out of 700 leads we passed to our customers, 500 were predicted to happen in the time frame we reported on.

Easily sort new business opportunities by popular triggers like Decision-Makers on the Move, Emerging Companies, Product Launches and more. This dynamic Winmo feature points you to the right sales opportunities at precisely the right time.

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Industry Leading Integrations

In terms of special features, Winmo and Pearlfinders share a lot of similarities. Both platforms allow you to leverage a set of filters to quickly narrow down a broad contact pool, and also the option to seamlessly import that data into the industry’s #1 rated CRM, Salesforce.   

For Winmo however, Salesforce is only one of many strategic integrations within their sales intelligence platform. Going beyond just CRM connections, Winmo maps a slew of intelligent insights, including:

Digital Ad Intelligence: Winmo’s integration with Adbeat provides an in-depth view of your prospects’ creative, including info on where it’s appeared and how often – even the percentage of media running native, direct or programmatic.

Media Spend: Clients can quickly find where brands are spending, both annually and quarterly with Winmo’s media spend insights. Quickly search across popular media types like TV, Radio, Outdoor and more so you know exactly when and where marketing dollars are being invested.

Personality Insights: Winmo’s integration with Crystal Knows makes it easier than ever to effectively connect with key decision-makers. With eerily accurate personality assessments, you’ll know exactly what to say to get a response.

It’s obvious sales teams at both large and small corporations find value in both Winmo and Pearlfinders. When it comes to finding the one that is best fit for you and your team, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Do I just need contacts, or do I need more comprehensive insights to inform my sales and marketing strategy?
  • What integrations are most important to me?
  • Do I need a database specifically focusing on the marketing and advertising industry?
  • Is getting in front of sales opportunities before my competitors important?

If after comparing the two platforms you realize that contact details are important but additional information like media spend, personality insights, digital ad intelligence, and predictive forecasts would be extremely valuable as well then request a Winmo trial today and try it out for yourself!



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