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Win clients without referrals or RFPs

Voted #1 Most Essential New Business ToolIt’s tough working on agency new business when you’re busy servicing a huge client – until that client leaves. Then you’re left scrambling for whatever work you can find. When you finally get another client, you get too busy for new business again, and the cycle continues…

To sustain and grow your agency, you need to break this cycle and get a regular flow of business opportunities through the door. Waiting for the next referral or RFP isn’t enough.

Agencies of all disciplines and sizes use Winmo to take control of their new business strategy and win more clients. Voted #1 most essential new business tool, Winmo helps you get in front of the right brands at the right time, providing decision-maker details at thousands of national advertisers, their current agency partners, and the likelihood of when they’ll be hiring new ones.

It takes the grunt work out of generating new business leads by serving up direct contact info, quality leads and valuable insight into brands, so you can proactively grow your agency.

Super smart and effective biz dev resource. Winmo has taken hours and hours of manual or multi-solution research off my plate, allowing me to focus on better, higher value prospects. It gives interesting insights you can leverage in outreach that’ll be more highly valued.

Chris Perkins Managing Director Bernstein-Rein

Getting intelligence about brands and opportunities is challenging unless they are incredibly open in initial discussions. Winmo bridges the gap and allows us to identify new opportunities seamlessly. Take it for a test spin, make sure the information is what you need, and you’ll like it a lot.

Bill Durrant President Exverus Media Inc.

If your prospects are in the advertising and marketing arenas, Winmo is the best option out there. We searched hard and trialed several others, and all fell short on quantity/quality of emails and phone numbers, not to mention accurate contacts. So far, our ‘delivered’ and ‘open’ rates are much higher since using Winmo.

Angela Jeffrey VP Brand Management ABX

My company uses several other prospecting tools and Winmo is by far the most user friendly platform we use. As a Marketing Manager who creates go to market strategies and prospecting plans for a national sales force, the WinmoEdge insights, spend data and client contacts are invaluable.

Patrick Sharpton Sr Marketing Manager Mspark

An indispensable tool for agency new business. Winmo makes it easy to discover new brands that may be a good partnership fit for our agency. We use it to develop prospect lists, get well-versed on a brand and its key stakeholders prior to a meeting, and to learn more about their media activity.

Danielle Peters Business Development Strategist Southwest Media Group
Connect with ideal clients

Find the people making marketing decisions at thousands of brands, so you can pursue clients that fit your expertise. Search for brands like your existing clients or target new verticals to break into. Get picky about the work you take on and go after accounts that excite your team and elevate your portfolio.

Use Winmo to connect with: Chief Marketing Officers, Chief Brand Officers, VPs of Marketing, Marketing Strategy Directors, Digital Marketing Managers, PR and Corporate Communications Teams, Experiential and Events Contacts, Brand Managers, Social Media Executives, Multicultural Marketing Managers and more…

Win big accounts (even if you’re a small agency)

The landscape has changed – big brands are turning to smaller, more specialized agencies. There’s project work to be had at even the biggest brands, if you can connect with the right person at the right time. Winmo helps you make in-roads with major brands so you can take your client roster to the next level. Plus, landing one new client pays for the investment in Winmo many times over.

Beat other agencies to the pitch

Be the first to hear about new business opportunities with WinmoEdge, the industry’s first sales predictor. Proven to predict new business opportunities 3-18 months in advance, WinmoEdge translates industry shifts into quick reads you can act on. Get a daily rundown of potential agency new business opportunities and who to contact, so you can quickly start a meaningful conversation. It’s a heck of a lot better than cold calling.

You don’t need a big sales team to get results

It only takes one person to quickly search thousands of national brands and find the ones that best fit your agency. Filter by annual revenue, media spend by channel, industry and more. Keep opportunities coming with lead recommendations and sales forecasts, plus direct contact details for decision-makers. Winmo is the shortcut to finding qualified new business opportunities, so your agency can spend more time creating great work.

Crush your sales goals. All the time.

Winmo is a sales intelligence platform that points you to the right prospects at precisely the right time.

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