Updated: Top Independent Media Agencies

December 29, 2020

In 2020, we all pushed our operating budgets to their breaking points. Brands were forced to eliminate unnecessary overhead for survival. Luckily, the demand to streamline actually gave a much-needed boost to many independent agencies. These smaller shops already operate on tighter budgets and aren’t beholden to a parent company. Independent agencies are scrappy and adaptable with the freedom to operate under an ask-for-forgiveness-not-permission mentality.

Download the Top Independent Agencies, Q1 2021 full list

However, with increased freedom, comes increased challenges. Independent agencies must respond to the always-changing ad world, especially shifts in media consumption and the emergence of new technologies. However, there are unique advantages.

According to Digital Remedy:

  • Online advertising or retargeting (59%) and personalization (56%) were the top two agency trends in 2020.
  • Delivering innovative ideas and attributing revenue to marketing are the top barriers to the success of a client/agency relationship according to ~46.5% of marketers.
  • 70% of independent agency employees said they are happy in their jobs, compared to just 53% of those at agencies owned by holding companies.
  • 70% of staffers at independent agencies also described their work environment as positive, (vs. 49% of staffers at holding company-owned agencies).

Keep scrolling for the top 10 list media agencies outside a major holding company, but still holding major client ad spend. Using the smart filters in Winmo, we compiled this list of independent agencies that handled at least $1 million in media spend over the past year. Access the full list.

Agency nameWebsiteDescriptionLocationsPhone                      
Asher Mediawww.ashermedia.comMedia buying and planningAddison, TX(972) 732-6464
Buonasera Media Serviceswww.buonaseramedia.comMedia buying and planningColumbia, SC(803) 315-2497
Crossmediawww.xmedia.comFull service media agencyLos Angeles, CA(310) 954-9009
Good Apple Digitalwww.goodappledigital.comMedia buying and planningNew York, NY(646) 374-0156
Monahan Mediawww.monahanmedia.comMedia specialtyClarkston, MI(248) 895-8430
NEXTMedia, Inc.www.nextm.comMedia buying and planningDallas, TX(214) 520-9700
Norbellawww.norbella.comFull-service media agencyBoston, MA(617) 542-1040
Reeltime Mediareeltime.comMedia buying and planningKenmore, WA
Strauss Media Strategies, Inc.www.straussmedia.comMedia, radio specialtyWashington, DC(202) 638-0200
TouchPoint Integrated Communicationswww.tpointmedia.comMedia buying and planning, full serviceDarien, CT(203) 665-7700

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