eBook Download: 30 CMOs Likely To Issue RFPs in Q1 2024

November 15, 2023

What better time to strategize new business opportunities than Q1. New year, new motivation, and probably a new gym membership to ensure you have the energy and focus to get there. It’s also the best time to research brands in their planning period. To get in on the ground floor with solutions to their marketing challenges before the buying period begins.

eBook: 30 CMOs Likely To Issue RFPs in Q1 2024

The experts at Winmo expect to see more brands flesh out their C-suites, begin to issue RFPs, and hunt for agencies that meet their growing needs. In fact, we have a whole eBook about it. Download 30 CMOs Likely To Issue RFPs in Q1 2024 at the link above. 

But who are these CMOs and why are they likely to issue RFPs? Using Winmo as our guide, we compiled a list of brands planning annual campaigns in Q1 2024 – making them a top prospect for ad sellers and corporate sponsorship teams – as well as with recent shifts in leadership – opening the door for agency and martech vendors. 

As you know, executive hirings, especially CMOs, likely lead to spending shifts and agency appointments. In fact, a first-ever CMO hire is the top agency new business trigger — and why our team focuses a ton of energy on finding new decision makers before they end up in the trades or publicly accessible press releases.

Here’s a preview of the brands you’ll find in our latest eBook:

  1. This youth mentorship program recently launched a new campaign and is bolstering experiential efforts with support into prominent pop culture events, experiences, and across social media, music, fashion, entertainment, and sports platforms.
  2. A haircare brand under this cosmetics company is reaching sustainable packaging milestones which may result in cause marketing efforts that will appeal to eco-conscious consumers. 
  3. A tequila brand owned by the American affiliate of one of the largest wine and spirits companies worldwide just selected its creative AOR. Reach out soon to offer brand-specific media, PR, digital analytics, experiential, influencer, programmatic, and/or multicultural services.
  4. This beauty chain recently announced its CEO succession plan. And hired a new CMO over the summer. These transitions will affect the company’s marketing strategy and could lead to agency reviews.
  5. This national discount chain recently introduced its first private-label kitchen brand. Its products are centered around sustainability, which appeals to cause-oriented audiences. A recent VP hire, along with many 2022 leadership shifts, make agency reviews likely. 

The experts at Winmo expect to see these CMOs from brands planning in Q1 2024 flesh out their digital campaigns, update their agency rosters, and hunt for new marketing channels.

In this eBook, you’ll access the insights Winmo customers implement on a daily basis, including:

  • 30 CMOs planning in Q1 with unique marketing opportunities for agencies and sellers leading up to their planning period.
  • CMO contact info to ensure you reach the right person the first time.
  • Opportunity analysis tailored to different seller types.
  • Spend details, audience demographics, and insights to fuel your outreach.

eBook: 30 CMOs Likely To Issue RFPs in Q1 2024

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