Top 4 Agency New Business Opportunities

November 20, 2018

Rather than ask what you’re looking forward to with Thanksgiving on the horizon, our question is what are you looking forward to the week you return to work?

Lucky for you, our WinmoEdge team has created some stellar agency opportunities for after the holiday that will make the end of your November as successful as it can be. As always, we’ll make sure you know who to pursue — and how — to get the best results.

The Vulnerable Account Index is a list of the top 100 companies and brands, updated each Friday with the latest top scores and new entries. Forecasting for agency new business opportunities is scaled by the following criteria:

  • Review Imminent (85-100): An agency shift looks imminent (within 3-6 months). Approach now.
  • Account In Jeopardy (70-84): Signs of an agency shift are there. Review predicted 6-9 months out.
  • On the Brink (60-69): Kepp on your radar. A review could begin in 9-12 months, possibly sooner.
  • Close Watch (50-59): A longer-term opportunity (possibly 12-15 months until a review).
  • Future Possibility (0-49): Triggers point to potential change (12-18 month time frame).

This week’s recap will focus on major leadership changes and what they mean for you and your business, plus direct links to the contact information you need.

1. Harley-Davidson Shifts Toward Millenials and Social

In 2015, CEO Matthew Levatich stated, “Our long-term, 10-year strategy has the headlining goal to build the next generation of Harley-Davidson riders worldwide.”

The millennial shift is in full force as Harley-Davidson recently promoted Heather Malenshek to CMO and SVP of marketing and brand, effective September according to our WinmoEdge team. Her experience lies in targeting young adults through digital marketing, which is a perfect fit due to the fact that Harley has been positioning itself as more modern to draw in the “next generation of riders.” Efforts in an attempt to reach their target audience include heightened social media and earned media efforts, and also new partnerships and products.


Scoring an 87 on the Vulnerable Account Index (VAI), an agency shift looks imminent within the next 3-6 months, and we suggest approaching now. Make sure your pitches encourage current riders to engage with the sport, and of course pitch with the millennial audience in mind.


  • Who to Contact: Scott Beck, Director, Global Brand Marketing
  • About Beck: With experience at Harley-Davidson ranging to nearly 20 years, its safe to say Beck knows the brand, its goals, and what it takes to accomplish those goals. Our partner Crystal Insights suggests encouraging collaboration when approaching Beck, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. He is warm and sincere and always excited about a chance to collaborate.


2. OhMyGreen Taps First CMO and Funding

In June of this year, WinmoEdge reported that OhMyGreen (OMG), a company that brings nutritious drinks and snacks into the office workspace, was on the hunt for a CMO to fuel its goal of nationwide growth. As of last week, the CMO search is over and Dorothee Fisher was named the company’s first CMO. She brings CMO and other marketing leadership experience from other companies and is known for excelling in emerging new business growth. Along with this new hire, OMG received a $20 million funding round to further advance their wellness platform and support its supplier and customer network growth.


Fisher will most likely review strategy and agency relationship options, and with a score of 87 on the Vulnerable Account Index (VAI), we expect an agency shift to occur within the next 3-6 months. Reach out with the target demographic of business decision makers in mind, particularly ones looking to improve the overall wellness of their employees. 

  • Who to Contact: Daniel Mohanrao, Chief Operating Officer
  • About Mohanrao: Mohanrao has been with the company for a little over a year, and is responsible for organizational strategy and development. Since he oversees multiple teams, the big picture is always a focus for Mohanrao. When reaching out, we recommend bringing the energy and staying optimistic about the future and all the possibilities of it.

3. Dick’s Sporting Goods Says Goodbye

As Dick’s plans its biggest Black Friday discounts ever, the company is also planning to make big leadership and roster changes. According to a recent WinmoEdge update, Dick’s SVP and CMO has parted ways with the company after about a year and a half, with no replacement yet named. This shift puts Dick’s back on the Vulnerable Account Index (VAI) with a score of 62. Continue to reach out because a review could begin in 9-12 months, potentially even sooner.


Dick’s tends to invest in broadcast, digital, radio and social media channels with YTD and National TV and digital display ads increasing as well. As an agency, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to reach out to ensure you are in the mix once a replacement for Hudler is found, we all know a new CMO is the number one indicator of increased budgets and agency reviews. Here’s how to do it:

  • Who to Contact: Jakki Smith, VP Creative Strategy
  • About Smith: Smith comes from a diverse background of experience, adding creativity to business and marketing objectives throughout boutique fashion houses, leading retail chains, and global brand icons. When contacting Smith, be warm and ask questions and speak directly and in a kind tone. She is driven towards results and encourages collaboration.


4. Wayfair’s Perigold Names CMO

Handling niche online retail store operations, Wayfair was named the most valuable internet company in Massachusets according to WinmoEdge reports. Perigold also recently partnered with Cosmopolitan in preparation of a CosmoLiving collection line and is growing in overall spend across both channels of national TV and digital display ads. Thomas Kohler has been named the brand’s new CMO, bringing marketing leadership experience from the Boston Consulting Group and the BMW Group. While Wayfair handles much of its marketing in-house, there is still potential for project-based work. Scoring a 72 on the Vulnerable Account Index, signs of an agency shift are present, most likely within the next 6-9 months.


Here’s how to reach out:

  • Who: Thomas Kohler, Chief Marketing Officer
  • About Kohler: Previously serving as the Boston Consulting Group’s associate director for over 15 years, Kohler has stepped into the CMO role with an expertise in pricing and go-to-market sales.


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