Unlocking Efficiency with Winmo Compose, Your AI Writing Assistant

April 3, 2024

Salespeople spend on average 21% of their day emailing prospects, and increasingly, those emails go unanswered. Crafting the perfect message can be daunting, and spending the time it takes to catch someone’s attention limits the volume a seller can achieve in a day. Enter Winmo Compose, the latest innovation from Winmo, designed to alleviate these pain points and streamline outreach to achieve personalization at scale.

Unlocking Efficiency with Winmo Compose, Your AI Writing Assistant

Now saying the right thing to a prospect is no longer a guessing game. Winmo Compose is an AI writing assistant fueled by cutting-edge technology that examines a prospect’s personality and career history according to their LinkedIn profile. It’s engineered to tackle the challenges faced by sales professionals, and it’s available for the thousands of marketers and agency decision-makers profiled in Winmo.

Winmo Compose helps sales professionals:

  • Personalize their outreach messaging: Picture this scenario — you know what you want to convey to a prospect, but are unsure how to effectively articulate it. This is where Winmo Compose shines, eliminating the need for generic pitches and empowering users to personalize outreach that garners results. By integrating personality insights, Winmo Compose guides users to craft messages that resonate.
  • Reduce research time: Don’t waste hours scouring the internet anymore. Instead, implement Winmo Compose’s hand-verified contact information and AI-generated outreach, all within the same platform. It’s the best of both worlds — accurate data and efficient communication. 

How Winmo Compose works: 


The AI writing feature elevates Winmo’s role in the toolbox of ad sellers, agency new business teams, sponsorship professionals, and adtech companies, ensuring they have the necessary tools to not only find and qualify ideal leads, but personalize their outreach to the right decision-makers at scale.

Say goodbye to generic pitches and hello to meaningful connections.

Winmo is thrilled to give sellers a veritable cheat code to open doors with decision-makers who control $100 billion in marketing spend — from chief marketers and brand managers to media planners and sponsorship leaders. 

If you’re struggling to reach the right marketers, with the right message, at the right time, we welcome the opportunity to help you see a 233% improvement in your response rates with Compose.

Unlocking Efficiency with Winmo Compose, Your AI Writing Assistant

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