The Role of "Micro-moments" in Strategic New Business Development

The Role of "Micro-moments" in Strategic New Business Development

Micro-moments are small, but mighty touch points along the path to purchase that are hugely valuable when used effectively for new business acquisition. 

Although, these little giants have been instrumental in purchase decisions for a few years now, Google and Forrester just recently coined the term “micro-moments” following extensive research on mobile buying habits and consumer research trends.

Why do Micro-moments Matter for Your New Business Strategy?

When Google embarked on its “micro” journey, the goal was to not only identify mobile moments and their impact on marketing strategies, but also to gain actionable insight on how marketers and advertisers could fully capitalize on emerging growth potential. Through their research, it became clear that the timing was ideal to leverage the unique advantages that mobile trends can provide by turning these micro-moments into major opportunities for sales growth.

How Micro-moments are Disrupting the Marketplace

As harmless and miniscule as this trend may sound, it has already been very disruptive to the marketplace and new business acquisition.

A research study conducted by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, revealed that challenges exist with embracing and maximizing micro-moments because many marketing and advertising organizations are still grappling with digital trends and technology.

In general, CEOs understand the strategic opportunities and threats of digital business, but many of these same individuals have not created a game plan for development based on a vision for their companies. And without the development of an effective vision, goal or digital strategy, there is still a major opportunity for winning more business in this category.

The Bottom Line

For sales and marketing organizations that choose to ignore micro-moment opportunity, it comes down to adapt or die in this market segment. The bottom line is can you afford to run this risk and miss out on new business growth?

In reviewing new consumer trends and the growing popularity of mobile, video and digital experiences, targeting audiences just based on demographics alone is no longer the key to spend efficiency. The climate has changed and it’s important to innovative and find new opportunities within micro-moments to personalize campaigns and engage consumers effectively.

The tools and resources that empower you to win more business already exist, now is the time to make the commitment to embrace them.


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