5 Tips to Prepare for Your Winmo Demo

5 Tips to Prepare for Your Winmo Demo

You know your business, your target customers, and your goals. Our product specialists know Winmo. Together, we can successfully evaluate whether Winmo’s sales intelligence is a worthy investment for your team.

The first part of that process is a demonstration. Before you get into the driver’s seat with a trial login, the demo provides an opportunity for you to tell us what you need, and for us to show you, in real time, how to navigate Winmo to find that information, as well as best practices on how to use it for optimal sales outcomes.

There are a few things you can do to save time and ensure a successful demo.

  1. Get the right people on the call – the first time
    In most cases, the decision to adopt new technology like Winmo will fall on a group of people. You might think you’re doing them a favor by taking the initial demo on by yourself, but this good intention will backfire.

    You’re in sales. If a meeting with a potential client concludes with her saying “This is exactly what our company needs! I’ll have to get my CMO and West Coast office onboard – can you send me your presentation deck?” You’ve burdened your contact with doing your job – without your knowledge and experience. Both of you have an uphill battle.

    Your co-workers or boss might be busy, but taking 20 minutes out of their day now will save loads of time and energy down the road.

    Who should be included? It depends on your company. Certainly anyone who will log in during the trial, as well as anyone with a say in the purchase decision. Often a head of sales (new business) and account management (existing business). If you’re a small company, this might be the same person. If you’re a large company, there may be several people across different departments or even timezones. That’s what screenshare technology is for!The important thing is to get everybody on the same page, and gain a clear vision of Winmo’s value to your organization as a whole, not just to you personally. When everyone gets excited about this tool, you can take credit!

  2. Understand your target customer profile
    Winmo tracks thousands of nationally advertised brands, their marketing and sponsorship decision-makers, the agencies they work with, and relationships between them. You’ll want to leverage filters to identify the ones most likely to buy what you’re selling.

    If you’re able to share the characteristics of your target customers, your product specialist will show you the fastest way to find them with Winmo’s smart filters.

    Examples of target buyer characteristics:
    – Job Titles: CMOs, Brand Managers, Media Buyers
    – Job Functions: Digital, Sponsorship, Multicultural, Mobile
    – Company Size: Either by revenue or employee count
    – Industry: Automotive, Beverage, Apparel, Consumer Electronics
    – Agency Type: by discipline, client spend or holding company
    – Areas of Media Spend: Dollar amounts spent on magazines, or online video, etc.
    – Location: Territories, states, or postal code radiuses

    Tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll help you find it in the fewest clicks, ensuring that the next phase of your evaluation – trial access – is as productive as possible.

  3. Convey the technology you do (or don’t) use
    You may have a CRM or marketing automation system that you’ll be putting this information into. Whatever technology you use, let your product specialist know so that we can show you any relevant integrations – from Salesforce to SharpSpring. You’ll be able to see how, once a list is created, it can be exported to such platforms, or to CSV/Excel.

    And if you don’t have a CRM tool, let us know that too! There’s functionality within Winmo, such as Notes, Alerts and list sharing options, that can help optimize the productivity of teams who don’t use a traditional CRM environment.

  4. Understand your goals from the outset
    This goes for any SaaS or technology tool you invest in. Sometimes it’s easy to get swept up in bells and whistles, but make sure you know, heading into your demonstration, what you need the product to do.

    If you’re someone who wears many hats, and new business is just one part of your role, your objectives may be different than someone hoping to hit a monthly sales quota. Are you an experienced rep who needs to get contact information for leads you’re working? Or are you new to your industry, and need direction on which companies to pursue? Get clear on what problem you need to solve.

  5. Ask about integrations, bells & whistles
    I know, I’m contradicting point four a bit, but often when we demonstrate a feature we consider to be a bell or a whistle, a potential client sees a solution to a core problem they have – one they didn’t even realize Winmo could solve.

    In addition to contact and company information, Winmo provides ad creative, buying behavior, and audience demographics you can use to craft effective pitches.Most notably, sales teams considering Winmo often ask about our top rated feature, WinmoEdge. It’s a publication that uses an algorithm to predict when marketers will be hiring new vendors, media partners and agencies. And if it’s important to you to know when an opportunity may be emerging, you’ll want a quick overview of this.

Like any good SaaS platform, Winmo is intuitive and easy to use – once you know which buttons to push and levers to pull. Follow these tips for a successful demo and you’ll be well-equipped to move on to the next phase of your evaluation, the trial.

Stay tuned for our follow up post on how to make the most of your trial access! We’ll tell you the criteria that our most successful clients used to measure the success of their trial access, compare Winmo to other tools, and gauge anticipated ROI.

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