Here are four ways to improve your sales strategy with intent insights right away:

1)  Identify companies researching topics, companies, or news from your industry.

First, here are some search term tips to get you going (broken down by industry):

  • Agencies: Branding, strategy and analysis, eCommerce, or search marketing.
  • Martech: Adtech, analytics and reporting, demand generation, or APIs and services.
  • Ad sales: Campaigns, marketing, or mobile
  • Sponsorship: Event management, entertainment, nonprofit or sports partnership.

2)  Focus sales efforts on prospects most likely to convert.

Winmo’s interest scoring model makes this especially simple. Similar to lead scoring, gauging search volume ensures that your sales team is putting the most effort on those most ready to buy. This a better time management strategy for new business because it ensures that you aren’t scaring off prospects who still need more time to self-educate.

3) Craft relevant email outreach to leads and prospects.

When you know what your potential client’s specific pain points are, you can filter through the noise and drill your message down. Are they interested in a subject you already wrote an ebook about? Send it to them no strings attached. The more value you provide, the more trust you will earn. Also, Winmo profiles now show the top four topics a company or agency is most interested in, so you can factor that into your outreach, too.

4)  Lastly. get the right message to the right person.

Intent data can often tell you which companies are searching particular topics. However, when overlayed in Winmo’s advertiser database, this information generates a list of specific contacts at those companies. Search companies based on interested, then drill down on titles and contacts most relevant to that topic.