eBook Download: 47 Marketing Leads from the Fastest Growing Tech Brands in Winmo (Q3 2023)

August 30, 2023

It started during the pandemic, but economic conditions are creating a perfect storm for B2B tech companies to seize market share as businesses look to technological solutions to help them do more with less. The pandemic thrusted countless organizations into the future, accelerating digital transformation and dramatically changing work models — with over 585,000 tech companies based here in the US, the industry is still expected to grow by 5.4% in 2023. 

As challenger brands take on existing providers, and category-creators aim to plan their flag, B2B marketing spend is projected to soar. In fact, Business Insider projects B2B advertising outlays to total $35 billion in 2023. That number reflects a 9.3% increase from 2022, but a whopping 52% increase from 2020.

Long story short, there are serious opportunities for agencies, as well as sellers of media, adtech, and corporate sponsorships, to partner with tech brands right now. Winmo was the first to report this trend in the spring after observing significant agency-hiring sprees after the fall and winter’s major industry layoffs.

Today’s emerging tech brands are looking for fresh perspectives and strategies to navigate the challenges they’re facing. They require a wide range of services and expertise from agencies and adtech companies to help them overcome these current challenges and achieve their marketing goals. Download our latest eBook, 47 Marketing Leads from the Fastest Growing Tech Brands in Winmo, to uncover which brands’ marketing leaders are looking for agency and adtech support.

So, which B2B tech companies are ripe for agency and marketing opportunities this year?

Here’s a preview of what’s going on inside five of the fastest growing tech brands in Winmo:

  1. This leader in enterprise data intelligence solutions will likely diversify ad placement, significantly increase ad spend, and outsource some marketing duties to agency partners
  2. This brand’s first ever CMP hire signals that it’s ready to ramp up digital marketing after spending about $54.6k on digital display ads YTD, a huge drop off from $738.9k spent in this channel during the same time period of 2022.  
  3. Full-year spend at this tech company skyrocketed from $728.1k in 2021 to $8.2 million in 2022 and, with a new CMO, may outsource more marketing needs to agency partners.
  4. This FinTech SaaS company named Alloy its communications AOR in May 2023 and will likely seek additional agency assistance for creative, media, digital, or social needs.
  5. A recent internal CMO promotion at this tech brand that optimizes business processes will affect the company’s marketing strategy and may lead to agency appointments. 

The experts at Winmo expect to see these tech brands flesh out their digital campaigns, update their agency rosters, and hunt for new marketing channels in Q3 2023.

In this eBook, you’ll access the insights Winmo customers implement on a daily basis, including:

  • Forty-seven of the fastest growing tech brands in Winmo with unique marketing opportunities for agencies and adtech partners.
  • CMO contact info to ensure you reach the right person the first time.
  • Spend details, audience demographics, and insights to fuel your outreach.

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