45 Digital Ad Spenders Planning in Q2

45 Digital Ad Spenders Planning in Q2

As we quickly approach the last month of Q2, the last thing you want is to waste time on leads that aren’t ready to buy or don’t have any budget available. That’s why we’ve put together a list of 45 digital ad spenders planning in Q2 with increases in spend and marketing efforts.

In addition to this downloadable list, we’re bringing you 10 brands with opportunities for you to pursue, with details to help you tailor the perfect pitch. This is just a small glimpse of the insight into agency relationships, planning and buying periods, and predictive sales intelligence within our platform. To experience everything Winmo has to offer, request your free trial.

These opportunities are designed to fill your pipeline with qualified leads, and we’ve included key decision-maker contact information to make sure you’re connecting with the right people at the right time. Best of luck!

1. Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren consolidated its global media roster from 12 agencies to four after a competitive review. The consolidation will allow Ralph Lauren to reduce operating costs so it can reallocate savings into marketing. Between 2018 and 2023, the goal is to increase sales by $1 billion and marketing by $100 million in the same timeframe.

Ralph Lauren plans to target the next generation of consumers using digital and social, so sellers who can reach this audience will have the advantage. Adbeat reports digital display over the past 12 months has totaled $1.4 million and been placed primarily via direct buy and Google.

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2. Yeti Coolers

In an effort to increase growth, Yeti Coolers announced its three objectives to achieve this include expanding its customer base, introducing new products, and accelerating direct-to-consumer. To support these objectives, Yeti will be increasing its marketing spend. Sellers reaching out should focus on new products, store openings, and year-round revenue since spend fluctuates.

According to iSpot, YTD national TV spend totaled $1.1 million and was placed across a variety of programming. Adbeat reports digital display over the last 12 months has totaled $2.2 million, an increase from the $1.4 million spent the year before.

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3. Walt Disney Television

Following the Disney-Fox merger, the Disney ABC Television added a number of networks to its portfolio which already included ABC Studios, ABC Entertainment, ABC Family, ABC News, and the Disney Channel Network, –   as Walt Disney Television.

This rework saw a number of leadership hires including Shannon Ryan as its president of marketing. In her role, she will oversee media, creative, social, digital, publicity and talent relations. Agency and martech readers are encouraged to focus on securing creative and digital work in pitches. Keep in mind they have a slew of TV programs as competition, and spend will increase in order to support marketing success.

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4. Walmart

Walmart acquired adtech startup Polymorph Labs in an effort to improve how brands advertise on its platform. Polymorph’s self-service automated platform will help advertisers streamline the process for targeting audience segments. Walmart has been trying to shift strategy and improve digital marketing in order to better target a millennial audience. With spend set to increase and new initiatives to secure revenue from, sellers should reach out. Spend is high throughout the year, particularly Q3 and Q4.

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5. Apartments.com

Amid spend increases, apartments.com launched a campaign promoting the idea that the apartment you choose will change the future you. “Enter the Apartminternet” was created by AOR RPA, and last-minute revenue should be available. Apartments.com plans to spend more than $100 million this year across digital and traditional channels and keep an eye out for high spend throughout Q3-Q1. Apartments.com is focused on emerging platforms and SEO efforts.

iSpot reports a YTD national TV spend of $12.7 million dedicated to the new campaign. According to Adbeat, digital display over the last 12 months has totaled $3.4 million, an increase from the $1.8 million spend the 12 months prior. Ads are primarily placed via Google.

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6. Boston Beer

In a recent earnings call, Boston Beer reported that its advertising, promotional and selling expenses for Q1 2019 increased $4.2 million from that of Q1 2018. Increases are expected to continue as the company increases investments across the brands. Spend is high throughout the year, but typically spikes from Q4 to Q2. CMO Lesya Lysyj started this month, meaning agency reviews are likely to happen within the next six months. Competition will include Hearts & Science, and MMB on creative.

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7. Wyndham Hotels

Wyndham Hotels & Resorts reported that marketing, reservation and loyalty expenses increased by $4 million, which resulted in three new campaigns. There should still be dollars available from these campaigns, so sellers are encouraged to reach out.

Wyndham’s spend increases will continue with plans to acquire more brands and expand its Las Vegas presence. The company also recently expanded its marketing team and plans to spend more in H1.

iSpot reports a YTD national TV spend of $4.9 million, almost $4 million of which was dedicated to the new campaigns. Adbeat reports digital display over the past 12 months totaled $632.7K, placed primarily via direct buy.

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8. City Year

The education non-profit concluded its competitive review and hired Connelly Partners as its AOR. The first work from the agency will be a digital-first campaign set to launch this summer. Sellers are advised to reach out year-round with no top spending period established. Strategy shifts are on the horizon as the brand searches for a new CEO, and spend is expected to continue to increase.

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9. Obrigado

Brazilian coconut water brand Obrigado named Vermilion its US digital AOR. With no top spending period established, sellers should look for revenue throughout the year, particularly tied to new product launches. Obrigado typically targets better-for-you consumers.

According to Adbeat, Obrigado began using digital display in August 2018. Since then, it has spent $15,600 on ads placed mostly through Google. Agency and martech readers are encouraged to reach out since reviews typically follow each other. Potential creative and media work should be available within the next 9-12 months, and those with food and beverage expertise will likely have an advantage

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10. Beyond Meat

Plant-based meat company Beyond Meat raised $631.2 million in an IPO, selling 9.6 million shares at $65.75, 163% higher than the original asking price of $25. According to sources, roughly $50 million will be invested in product development and sales.

A large portion of these efforts will go into marketing considering the brand needs to stay top-of-mind in the industry and compete with competitors such as Impossible Foods and Tyson Foods. With increased marketing from the new funding, sellers are encouraged to reach out. There is no reported top spending period, but digital spend historically increases during August and September. Keep an eye out for special events, new products, and international expansion as well. Creative and media have been out of Stun since February, and Beyond Meat targets a millennial and Gen-X demographic.

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