Winmo’s Dave Currie Joins as Host of the B2B Sales Show Podcast

June 19, 2019

This week, Winmo’s very own CEO Dave Currie officially became a co-host on the B2B Sales Show. Starting his career as a business development representing and working his way up to hold just about every sales position imaginable, Dave provides a raw perspective on navigating a successful sales career within the B2B industry.

Listen to his introduction episode here or read through the audio transcription attached below. Be on the lookout for Dave’s continued presence on the B2B Growth Show over the coming months!
The B2B Sales Show featuring Host- Dave Currie of Winmo

Ralph Miranda: Welcome to the B2B Sales Show. We’re here today with Dave Currie. He’s the CEO at Winmo and one of the new co-hosts of our show. Dave, how’s it going today?

Dave Currie: I’m doing great. Thanks. Excited to be here. Certainly looking forward to helping listeners of the B2B Sales Show.

Miranda: Well, we’re excited to have you on board for our listeners, my name is Ralph Miranda. I’m the producer of the show from Sweet Fish Media. Today I want to introduce Dave and share what you, the listener can expect from the episodes that he’ll be hosting moving forward. But before we jump into that, Dave, tell us a little bit about your background.

Currie: Sure. I’d be happy to. Well, I’m an Aussie bloke, a husband, father, and coach. I’m passionate about adventure and business. I’ve found that I’ve been as comfortable in a boardroom as I am on a surf or snowboard. So over the past 20 years or thereabouts, I’ve worked throughout the world from Australia to China, Canada, the UK, and the US, primarily helping B2B companies and their teams grow through proactive business development programs.

Currie: My personal expertise in the B2B segment is working with sales side advertising, media, marketing, and tech companies of varying shapes and sizes. I think one of the things that I’ve done that’s almost universal in every role is that I’ve worked through those sales and marketing career path in pretty well every one of those roles and functions that you can hold. From my first days as a cold call BDR to a sales rep, a manager, a VP, a revenue officer, chief marketing officer, and today as CEO of Winmo. So I’m joining this with being humbled by the fact that today we are considered to be one of the largest, most comprehensive and widely used sales enablement companies for this particular sector in the US. and given that position, I’m told that I’ve got a truly unique perspective on the state of the market, and I really enjoy the opportunity to help people on a daily basis by sharing what I can from these learnings.

Miranda: Well, I’ll tell you, you bring a unique perspective. Obviously, you’ve come from the ground floor up on the sales side, starting as a cold caller all the way up to where you are today. So you definitely know the ups, the downs, the tricks, the traps of sales, and that’ll be refreshing to our listeners. We appreciate that. Dave, you mentioned, obviously you’re with Winmo, and we know that. And you’re going to be one of our partners in producing this podcast, so tell us a little bit about what you and your team are up to over there at Winmo these days.

Currie: Our goal is to profoundly change business development. And through that, we consider and I guess the market considers even more importantly, that Winmo’s a world-class, B2B sales acceleration resource. Essentially it’s an advertising database that points you to exactly the right contacts, at precisely the right time to engage them.

Currie: So we deliver actionable sales leads to thousands of customers who consider Winmo a mission-critical part of their daily sales stack. I think one of the things that’s really different about us is we research, curate and deliver these leads specifically for sales professionals and business development people who target tier one advertisers, and or their respective marketing agencies.

Currie: Now it’s true that we do use technology, AI, and machine learning to increase efficiencies. But what it really comes down to is, it’s a manual process of human confirmation, interpretation, and context, where we craft around a lead that truly, we’re told, sets us apart from others in the market. So that’s a little bit about what we’re up to. We take great pride in our people and our purpose-driven culture of collaboration and accountability. I’m hoping to bring the learnings of not only our customers but of our organization, to listeners of the show as well.

Miranda: Excellent. Excellent. Dave, tell us a little bit about why you and Winmo wanted to become part of this podcast, the B2B Sales Show.

Currie: Yeah, so we’ve got really tight relationships with our customers. And helping them grow, we see what works and perhaps more or equally as important, what doesn’t. So I genuinely enjoy sharing these learnings and new sales, organic growth, and retention, which in my experience apply pretty universally across B2B sales teams of all types. So thank you for this opportunity to share those insights with listeners of the B2B Sales Show. I hope that we’re able to share some things which can make a real impact.

Miranda: Obviously you mentioned the tremendous amount of experience you’ve had in the sales function, from the beginning to where you are now. So what are some of the topics that listeners can expect to hear when they listen to each episode that you’ll be hosting?

Currie: Well, my goal is to share specific, I guess battle-tested concepts that listeners can put into immediate action to see better results from their prospecting efforts. I’d like to provide listeners with context to these concepts too. So I’ll be inviting VIP guests from the marketing, advertising, and media industry to join me in each episode to provide real-life examples of how they applied the concepts, and the outcomes that they achieved. Certainly brings it to life. Some of the most demanded topics are things like how to identify relevant prospecting sales triggers at scale, how to use these insights to rank and prioritize your prospecting time. And another one of the top ones is how to use insights to more effectively engage prospects one you do find the right types of organizations to target.

Miranda: Dave, how can listeners connect with you, or reach out to you if they have ideas for topics? A lot of times listeners listen to a podcast and they say, “I think I’ve got a great idea.” Or they want to ask some questions. So what’s the best way that they can reach out to you, or your organization?

Currie: I would genuinely welcome that from listeners. Best way to connect with me is to do so on, connect with me or message me on LinkedIn. Just go to Google, type in Dave Currie, C-U-R-R-I-E. So Dave Currie and Winmo, you’ll find me pop up there right away. You can also reach me on Twitter, @newbizdingo, New Biz Dingo. It’s a throwback to my Aussie heritage, or email me directly at

Miranda: Okay, sounds good. Well, we’ve been talking to Dave Currie, he’s going to be one of the new co-hosts of the B2B Sales Show and that wraps it up for this episode. You’ll be hearing from Dave and his guests regularly in this feed, so make sure you subscribe to the B2B Sales Show in Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen. And Dave, I’m personally excited about what we’ll be adding to the conversation in the B2B Sales Show with this show after having talked to you, and some of your insight. And I really appreciate you contributing as a host. Thanks again for making time to kick things off today.

Currie: You’re very welcome. Thanks, Ralph. Looking forward to it and happy hunting in the meantime.

Miranda: Sounds good. Same to you.

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