From OTT to Shoppable Social: 2022 New Business Predictions from Winmo

December 15, 2021

Last year, the pandemic pushed sales and marketing teams to become digital engagement experts overnight, fast-forwarding 10 years’ worth of evolution into a nine-month period. Now, as we head into 2022, these accelerated new business predictions and trends continue to expand. Both technology and buyers are growing savvier, too. (Forrester Research just released its B2B innovation predictions for 2022 if you’d like to dive into the numbers).

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With serious privacy changes underway the future of B2B sales and marketing is evolving before our eyes — yet KPIs won’t change just because the industry is. If anything, leaders expect their new business teams to deliver opportunities and smartly adjust strategies to drive results. Winmo’s new sales team are industry experts with a broad view of the advertising ecosystem. With insight into the trends impacting buy-side and sell-side professionals alike, they’re sharing 2022 new business predictions from their unique vantage points.

2022 New Business Predictions from Winmo’s Sales Team:

Bo Sams

“In 2022, social media/influencer advertising will take off more than it ever has. These channels also bring up the power of social impact — whether it be positive or negative. Agencies also are diving in to see how brands approach social impact during these challenging times.”

Bo Sams, Account Executive

Jared Smith

“In 2022, CTV/OTT will balloon to new heights, and advertisers will be more drawn to this area of programmatic than ever before. The number of US homes using OTT services will cross the 100 million threshold.”

Jared Smith, Senior Director of Sales, Agency

jeff haley new business predictions“In 2022, video advertising, including streaming, will become even more interactive and shoppable. Social media will dominate. But OTT shoppable ads will rise and we will see more direct response options between breaks within programming. Emerging and challenger brands will dominate social media advertising and influencer marketing while Fortune 500’s will dive head first into new formats and spend more on advertising within streaming programs. Online digital publishers will likely experiment more than ever before and take some big risks connecting their content into new experiences like videocasting.”

Jeff Haley, Director of Sales, Media

Justin Voss new business predictions

“Hybrid events will continue to expand.  Offering both in-person and virtual components make advertising more sustainable and available to a larger audience.  It’s a powerful way to make a localized event more widespread.”

Justin Voss, Account Executive

Nathan Burks new business predictions“OTT will continue to grow, with the constant addition of new streaming services. The digital landscape is rapidly growing. With the metaverse continuing to gain traction, I believe a new blend of advertising will take off, giving consumers brand-specific immersive experiences.”

Nathan Burks, Account Executive

Ryan Wilkie new business predictions

“Not only will we see an exponential increase in the emergence of new virtual communities, but they will become more expansive and immersive.  This shift into virtualization will present massive opportunities for brands to tap into new audiences. And connect with stakeholders in a whole new, and more intimate, way.  Consumers will also have much more control over the personal information they share with brands and these communities. They’ll expect less intrusive advertising and more relevant, native messaging. I think the organizations that embrace Web3, the metaverse, data privacy, and think differently about how they connect with customers will come out on top.”

Ryan Wilkie, VP of Sales

Will Gordon new business predictions

“Like others in this article, OTT will continue to grow. The other area where we’ll see massive expansion will be progress in the metaverse. As more people lean toward immersive gaming, in-game universes, and ownership of digital assets in the form of NFTs, the opportunity to advertise in these spaces will grow, too.”

Will Gordon, Account Executive

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