eBook Download: 9 Socially Native Brands Increasing Spend in Q2 2023

March 1, 2023

Since the dawn of Instagram in 2010 — and through the heyday of Snapchat and into TikTok’s world domination today — countless brands have decided to go all-in on social media marketing, using these channels to launch products, communicate with customers, and stay relevant with them. These socially native brands funnel all of their marketing budgets and creativity into these channels, some becoming as commonplace as our friends’ faces on the app (looking at you, Winc). And, for many, the bet has paid off.

ebook q2 2023

In 2022, social media ad spending stood at approximately $230B, with spending expected to surpass the $300B mark by 2024. Socially native brands have seen success through:

  • Massive user bases: Billions of people actively use them every day. 
  • Targeted advertising: These brands target their advertising based on demographics, interests, and behaviors to reach the people who are most likely to purchase.
  • Cost-effective advertising: Especially compared to traditional channels like TV or print. 
  • Relationship building: These brands build relationships with their audience by engaging with them, responding to their comments and messages, and sharing valuable content.
  • Measurable results: Platforms offer detailed analytics and reporting tools.

Even as these brands continue their social climb, we’ve also seen them evolve and experiment with their marketing strategies, increasing spend across digital. Download our latest eBook, 9 Socially Native Brands Increasing Spend in Q2 2023 to uncover which socially native brands are evolving their marketing strategies.

Here are just a handful of the socially native brands on our radar:

  1. This D2C intimates brand recently announced its acquisition by Victoria’s Secret. It will likely return to heavier ad spend and seek new agency partners.
  2. This meal service brand is ramping up ad spend, experimenting with new marketing channels, and seeking agency assistance.
  3. This online luxury mattress company promoted a new CMO in September 2022. As we know, CMO hires commonly lead to agency reviews and spending shifts.
  4. This line of at-home professional hair color and hair color products secured $50M from Runway Growth Capital in February 2023. The company will use the funds to build its customer base, open new stores, and expand its retail partnerships.
  5. This sunscreen company promoted a new CMO in September 2022 and will continue ramping up digital spending.

The experts at Winmo expect to see these socially native brands flesh out their digital campaigns, update their agency rosters, and hunt for new channels that appeal to the extremely-online generations, Gen Z and Millennials.

In this eBook, you’ll access the insights Winmo customers implement on a daily basis, including:

  • Nine socially native brands with unique digital marketing opportunities for agencies and sellers.
  • Select decision-maker contact info to ensure you reach the right person the first time.
  • Opportunity analysis tailored to different seller types.
  • Spend details, audience demographics, and insights to fuel your outreach.

ebook q2 2023

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