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June 24, 2019

If you’re responsible for driving new sales with national advertisers, having the right sales enablement tools in your arsenal can make the difference between mediocre results and thriving success. Two major players in the sales enablement industry, Winmo and MediaRadar, both work toward the same goal – to help sales professionals close more deals.

While there are many similarities between Winmo and MediaRadar, specifically connecting the dots between advertisers and agencies, understanding how they’re spending and who owns their budgets, there are many differences as well. To help make an informed decision on which resource best suits your immediate and long-term sales needs, we’re analyzing three main points of comparison: proactive prospecting features, advertising buying behavior and industry-leading integrations.

Proactive (vs Reactive) Prospecting Features

Competition is fierce today. That’s why being ahead of the curve and knowing sales opportunities before they happen is vitally important for your sales organization. So many sellers get into the habit of seeing that a campaign has been launched and then use that late-stage trigger point to begin a conversation. Long gone are the days where you learn about an opportunity in the press (after the fact) and expect to win a piece of business. Instead, smart sales professionals are using technologies to inform them about such triggers 3-18 months in advance.

While Winmo and MediaRadar both serve up sales insights, Winmo offers forecasted insights that not only pinpoint the pending sales opportunity, but they also predict the time period in which it will activate. Talk about doing the heavy lifting and serving leads up on a silver platter!

How? A customer favorite feature called WinmoEdge. Winmo’s team of research analysts track an array of sales triggers that indicate a campaign, spending shift or agency review on the horizon – allowing sellers to reach out when a bigger share of the budget is up for grabs – anywhere from 3-18 months ahead of time.

A few triggers they monitor on a frequent basis include:

  • Marketing Decision-Makers on the Move
  • Brands with New Funding
  • New Markets & Audiences
  • New Client-Agency Relationships / Shifts
  • Businesses and Brands Struggling
  • New Product Launches
  • Increased/Decreased Spend Shifts
  • Monthly Emerging Brand Reports

Plus, with a forecasted accuracy rate of 74%, why wouldn’t you want to add this to your sales enablement toolkit?!

Advertiser Buying Behavior

In terms of buying behavior, Winmo and MediaRadar both provide information into how advertisers are buying media, who they’re buying it from and how much they’re spending.

MediaRadar has a proprietary system that allows users to see which brands are buying print or digital placements, and which properties those placements appear on. They also provide estimated spending based on their proprietary data, giving users a fairly complete picture of the dollars flowing from brand to publisher destination.

While Winmo doesn’t have a home-grown technology for tracking expenditures, their platform does integrate with industry-leading digital ad intelligence provider, Adbeat, as well as TV ad measurement platform, iSpot.

Winmo customers can monitor brand-level ad spend across 19 different media types and build custom prospecting lists based on how much a brand is spending on OOH, cable TV, paid search, display, magazines or any number of different delivery mediums.

Industry-Leading Integrations

Sales professionals no longer work in a vacuum – instead, in today’s market they often work across complex technology stacks that help them work less and sell smarter. Both Winmo and MediaRadar recognize that need and have bolstered their platforms to include integrations that simplify the user experience, and sometimes lower overall sales enablement costs.

Winmo’s integrations include:

SEMRush- understand paid search spending to paint a complete picture of media outlays across all channels. Hookit- get a breakdown of a brand's sponsorship allocations by category, plus the athletes, teams, leagues, venues and events they work with.
Salesforce- export verified data into this industry-leading CRM platform. Adforum- quickly gather insight on advertiser creative including TV, print, interactive and more.
HubSpot- export verified data into this industry-leading marketing automation platform. OneLogin SSO- work more productively across all your web apps with this single sign-on portal.
iSpot- see a brand's latest TV airings including top networks and shows, plus payable commercials.Adbeat- get closer to digital dollars with an in-depth view of your prospects' creative, including info on where it's appeared and how often- even the percentage of media running native, direct or programmatic.
Crystal Knows- (more below) StatSocial- (more below)

Two customer favorites of Winmo include:

Personality Insights via Crystal Knows

Winmo gives you more than just names, titles and contact information. Thanks to personality insights via Winmo’s integration with Crystal Knows, sales professionals can better understand how to communicate with prospects in order to grab their attention. Learn what language they’re likely to respond to – even which words to use in email – for effective outreach that strikes the right chord.

“I love the Crystal Knows feature of Winmo. I use it all the time to get insight into somebody’s personality that I’m looking to connect with and WInmo actually gives advice on how to communicate with that person to yield the highest rate of success.” – Chase Hay, High School Nation

Demographic Data with StatSocial

With this integration, Winmo users can discover advertisers’ unique audience compositions and analyze the social footprint of thousands of brands to capture the essence of their demography. Use this data to qualify targets and perfect your pitch based on how a brand’s social audience breaks down by gender, age, ethnicity, household income, personality type, media properties, influencers and more. Added bonus – leverage Winmo’s smart filters to generate custom prospecting lists that fit your demographic targets.

As for MediaRadar, their integrations include:

MagHub- access comprehensive advertising intelligence within your MagHub CRM solution. Elan- leverage your sales workflows when you integrate brand insights into Media Services Group's platform.
Comscore- determine if you can deliver your prospect's ideal audience with Comscore data. Google Suite- instantly log into MediaRadar every time you sign into Google.
Okta- through Okta's secure single sign-on, you can instantly be logged into your MediaRadar account. Ping Identity- use single sign-on to login with corporate credentials and get one-click access to MediaRadar from anywhere.
Yelp- view restaurants, coffee shops, and other meeting locations near your prospect's office. Google Maps- identify new advertisers located within a specific city, address, or near your current location.

In Conclusion

There’s no doubt both small and large sales teams find value in both Winmo and MediaRadar. Whether it’s one or another – or in some instances, purchasing both technologies and using them alongside each other, here are some final questions to ask yourself when deciding which platform can make the biggest impact for your sales organization:

  • What are my peers saying about each brand? You can find out by visiting Winmo and MediaRadar’s G2Crowd reviews.
  • Is my prospecting strategy proactive or reactive (and what should it be?)
  • How important are details like direct dials and prospect insights?
  • Do I already have decision-maker relationships and simply need a database that tracks buying behavior and budget allocation? Or, do I need a database that connects decision-makers to buying signals that indicate opportunity ahead?

If you’re interested in trying Winmo for yourself, request a demo today!

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