73 D2C Brands Interested in Agencies: Q4 2021

October 12, 2021

Direct-to-consumer companies from Allbirds to Winc have surged ahead dramatically during the pandemic, while formerly brick and mortar brands like Pier 1 have reversed course to follow the D2C trend. These digitally native brands are extremely performance-centric, but are they paying as much attention to creative and branding? These 73 D2C brands interested in agencies certainly are… And how do we know they’re interested? Winmo’s intent insights.

73 D2C Brands Interested in Agencies: Q4 2021

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What are intent insights?

Information collected about web users’ content consumption or observed behavior can provide insight into their interests. For example, if someone is searching for search engine advertising, SEM agencies, and digital ad strategies they’re probably ready to turn their AdWords campaigns over to an agency. Essentially, Bombora’s insights tell us what products and services companies tracked by Winmo are researching. Then, these insights are collected through observed online behavior and content consumption, including:

  • Web searches
  • Case study views/downloads
  • Webinars/registrations
  • Subscriptions

All of these sources combine to make up an interest score in Winmo – Interested, Moderately Interested, Very Interested, or Extremely Interested. Above all, the more interest expressed, the more intent insights have been collected about that company for a particular product or service.

Here’s a sneak peek at three D2C brands from our list of 73, including their target consumers, latest spending news, and current agency relationships.

1)  Allbirds

It looks like the sustainable footwear company has a birds-eye view on an IPO. While its leaders have declined this goal in the past, a recent job posting included that the DM it was seeking would “coordinate and prepare information gathering process required for SEC filings.” Of course, an IPO would leave Allbirds with a significantly larger budget, which often leads to higher spending and/or agency hires.

Additionally, it partnered with Adidas to widen the low-carbon possibilities of its footwear products. The companies, often seen as competitors, can now explore renewable material possibilities together. This year, over 60% of Adidas’s products will reportedly be made with sustainable materials, partially thanks to this partnership. According to iSpot, Allbirds made its national TV debut at the beginning of 2021. Since then, the company has spent approximately $1.5M on commercials.

  • Media sellers: The company’s shift from digital toward TV, along with its TV commercial targeting and notable usage of podcast ads, shows that it’s particularly targeting millennials and Gen-X right now. However, its sustainability focus does appeal to Gen-Z. Remember, the company’s target demographic also has a female skew.
  • Agency and martech readers: Its recent funding round made this company more vulnerable to review than it is right now, and an IPO would do so even more, so keep it on your radar. Anomaly has been Allbirds’s creative AOR since at least 2018, so you’ll have the best luck securing media, PR, social media management, and/or digital analytics partnerships.

2)  Casper

Casper Sleep recently did away with its CMO position amid a restructuring effort that has resulted in dozens of other layoffs. Lisa Pillette joined as CMO just a year and a half ago. This shift may have resulted from the iOS 14.5 iPhone update. Since this cracked down on apps that track data without permission, many companies can now access restricted advertising data. Of course, Casper likely needs as much assistance as it can get navigating this type of difficulty, especially as it now lacks a CMO.

Since the beginning of 2021, Pathmatics reports Casper has allocated roughly $17.8M toward digital ads, down 4% from the roughly $18.5M it allocated within the same 2020 timeframe. Additionally, Magellan reveals the company has aired around 1.2K podcast ads within the past 12 months.

  • Media sellers: Right now, Casper seems to be targeting millennials and Gen-X, with a male skew, via TV, digital, and podcast advertising. Though it’s also targeting Gen-Z via paid social. Per Kantar data, Casper additionally invests in OOH, radio, and local broadcast.
  • Agency and martech readers: The company’s restructuring could easily lead its remaining leadership to rethink its current roster. Keep Casper on your mind (like a friendly little ghost, one might say) for future work. PHD USA became the company’s media AOR in February 2020 and Huge NY is its creative and digital AOR. Since Casper and both of these agency partners are headquartered in NY, readers in the northeast will have an advantage. Focus on ways you can differentiate Casper from other mattress-in-a-box companies like Purple and Tuft & Needle.

3)  Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest has ramped up digital spend for a couple of years. The company decreased YTD national TV spend, after increasing TV spend in 2020. Clearly, Daily Harvest is working on finding the most efficient media mix. Sellers should reach out to find out additional details and to offer ad space. Magellan reports Daily Harvest placed about 880 podcast ads over the last year. 

According to Pathmatics, Daily Harvest earned 1.4B impressions YTD through desktop video ads (60%), Facebook ads (19%), Instagram ads (18%), and Twitter ads (2%). It spent around $16.9M on digital display ads YTD, a 54% increase from $11M spent in this channel during the same time period of 2020. Full-year spend skyrocketed from $3.8M in 2019 to $15.6M in 2020.

  • Media sellers: Daily Harvest mainly targets Gen-Xers and millennials through national TV and digital display ads. However, it may be targeting a younger audience with digital display ads. It also invests in radio, print, and local broadcast TV ads, per Kantar. Sellers should reach out to Daily Harvest to offer ad space.
  • Agency and martech readers: Daily Harvest currently takes care of all marketing duties in-house. [Insert wide-eyed emoji here.]

Download the complete list of D2C brands interested in agencies

73 D2C Brands Interested in Agencies: Q4 2021

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