List Download: 38 NFL Sponsorship Spenders Planning in Q4 2022

September 8, 2022

The 2022 NFL season kicks off tonight with two of the league’s most popular teams as the Los Angeles Rams host the Buffalo Bills. According to TicketSmarter, tickets to the game cost $1,285 on average. The lowest tickets hover between $150 and $200, while the most premier seats are listed for over $11,000. While that’s a ton of money for four quarters of football, it pales in comparison to the amount of cash these 38 NFL sponsorship spenders drop each season.

List Download: 38 NFL Sponsorship Spenders Planning in Q4 2022

Click the link above to download Winmo’s list of 38 NFL sponsorship spenders planning in Q4 2022. And keep reading for detailed insider tips on three of these spenders from our WinmoEdge team…

American Airlines expands relationship with Walton Isaacson

American Airlines recently appointed Walton Isaacson as its creative AOR. The agency has already debuted its first creative work with a campaign called “Let There Be No Limits.” The details regarding the campaign are sparse. However, it is reasonable to assume we will see higher ad spending from American Airlines over the next few months.

According to iSpot, American Airlines spent $36.4k on national TV ads YTD, a 70% increase from $21.4k spent on this channel during the same time period of 2021. Full-year spend totaled $26.8k in 2021 after it did not allocate any budget toward this channel in 2020. This year, it placed ads during programmings such as Major League Rugby, the NFL, Stories from the 2022 James Beard Awards, MLR All-Access, MLR Draft, and Motorcycle Racing.

  • Sellers: American Airlines primarily targets Gen-Xers and millennials through digital display ads. The company utilizes national TV ads as well. It allocates a much smaller percentage of its budget toward TV than digital. The company is also focused on resonating with a multicultural audience, especially Black consumers. American Airlines also invests in OOH, print, and local broadcast TV ads, per Kantar. Remember, AA just launched a campaign from its new creative AOR. Get in touch soon to offer last-minute campaign ad space.
  • Agency and martech readers: In addition to creative and multicultural AOR WI, American Airlines works with media buying/planning AOR MediaCom and digital shop Hawkeye. I advise readers to contact American Airlines’ DMs to see if the company needs any more help because agency appointments tend to follow one another. Be sure to include in your pitches how you can help it reach a multicultural audience. The airline could decide to review its relationship with MediaCom or Hawkeye as well.

Gatorade celebrates Serena Williams in new campaign, increases spend

Gatorade recently launched a campaign celebrating Serena Williams’s enduring legacy as an athlete and an inspiration to women and girls. Made by TBWA \ Chiat \ Day, “Love Means Everything” is narrated by Beyoncé. The brand premiered a 60-second version of the film during MTV’s VMAs on August 28 and launched the extended cut the next day. The film will continue running (though probably not as fast as Williams) throughout the US Open.

Per Pathmatics, the brand has spent approximately $43.5m on digital ads YTD, about triple the approximately $14.4m spent within the same 2021 timeframe. In 2021, Gatorade’s estimated full-year spend increased 50% to $36.5m from that of $24.3m in 2020. So far this year, the brand has earned ~5.4b digital impressions via Instagram (37%), Facebook (23%), Twitter (21%), desktop display (2%) and mobile display (1%) ads.

  • Sellers: Gatorade most often targets men, but this new campaign celebrates the impact that Williams has had on female fans. It primarily targets Gen-Z and millennials via digital, particularly paid social channels, and it secondarily targets Gen-X via TV channels. According to Kantar data, Gatorade also utilizes local broadcast. The brand holds planning conversations in Q4 and buying conversations in Q3.
  • Agency and martech readers: To the best of our knowledge, parent company PepsiCo hasn’t conducted any agency reviews since implementing recent leadership shifts, so get in touch soon to be top-of-mind if you haven’t yet done so. Along with digital AOR TBWA \ Chiat \ Day, the Gatorade brand currently works with experiential AOR TPN and social AOR Swift.

Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl taps new PR AOR

The Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl selected Babbit Bodner as its new PR AOR, concluding a review. The agency will handle strategic communications, media relations, and crisis management. Babbit Bodner supports properties that include the following: the Peach Bowl itself; the charity golf tournament known as the Peach Bowl Challenge; the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Games; and The Dodd Trophy’s national coach of the year award.

Babbit Bodner will especially focus on Peach Bowl’s charitable relationships and contributions. Per Peach Bowl CEO and president Gary Stokan, the organization plans to give away around $6m in charity. Peach Bowl did not disclose the incumbent agency, but Stokan did add that the organization is looking “to go in a different direction.” This will lead to strategy shifts that could involve higher spend and/or additional agency reviews.

  • Sellers: Peach Bowl is primarily targeting Gen-Z and millennials at this point. Its target demographic also has a strong male skew. As I briefly mentioned, new work from the organization’s new AOR will likely lead spend to pick back up.
  • Agency and martech readers: PR hires often precede additional agency reviews; get in touch soon to offer media, digital analytics and/or social media management services. Blue Sky handles creative.

List Download: 38 NFL Sponsorship Spenders Planning in Q4 2022

38 NFL sponsorship spenders planning in Q4 2022

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