75+ Multicultural Marketers Planning in Q1 2022

January 19, 2022

Old school demographics are becoming less and less effective marketing strategies. Targeting people based on gender, age, and location doesn’t factor in their unique cultures, values, languages, preferred communication styles, or media consumption habits. Today, smart brands know they need a clearly defined multicultural marketing strategy to break through the noise. But, knowing you need to adapt how you communicate is only half the battle (honestly, less than half, let’s call it 15%…)

75+ Multicultural Marketers Planning in Q1 2022

Research by Iterable shows that 75% of consumers agreed they’re more likely to purchase from a brand when people who look like them are represented in their ads. More than anything, to be multicultural is to be inclusive. Successful campaigns here break all the traditional rules. Instead, they highlight under-represented and misrepresented groups in order for target-consumers to feel seen, heard, and understood. This enables them to trust your brand and personally identify with your products.

With forward motion and the needs of 2022 in mind, the team at Winmo put together a list of 75+ brand marketers focused on multicultural campaigns. Hey agencies, this one’s for you guys. Reach out to these contacts directly to share how your team can take their inclusivity to the next level.

Here’s some teaser information on a selection of the brands featured in our multiculutural marketers list:

  1. First, this beverage company recently announced a global media agency review that only invited incumbents Dentsu, Publicis and WPP. The company hasn’t had a media review since 2017, when Vizeum won media buying and planning duties in the US and several other markets.
  2. This quick service restaurant just kicked off a PR agency review. Right now, the brand primarily targets Gen-Z via paid social, YouTube, Twitch and OTT ads. However, its TV spend is also on the rise, hinting that it’s also targeting millennials.
  3. This bank promoted a new CMO to its US consumer banking division. The CMO joined Citi in 2011 as head of shared services and US retail, and was promoted to head of US consumer partnerships and franchise development in 2019. She will keep her previous duties, while also taking over consumer banking marketing responsibilities.
  4. Heating up the D2C space, this apparel company has spent roughly $2.7m on digital ads by end of Q3 2021, more than triple the roughly $785.5k it spent within the same 2020 timeframe. So far this year, the company has earned around 169.9m digital impressions via desktop video (71%), Instagram (16%) and Facebook (13%) ads.
  5. Finally, this snack brand just released a 60-second spot starring NBA superstar Lebron James. There will also be social media and in-store elements. The brand worked with creative agency Motive on the campaign. Additionally, it is also the official chip of the NBA, indicating it is targeting basketball fans, which mainly consists of Gen-Z and millennial men.

It’s not enough to create content with a single audience in mind. Failure to do so will likely reduce your sales and risk losing credibility. Or face potential damage to your brand’s reputation.

75+ Multicultural Marketers Planning in Q1 2022

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