Generate Sales Leads by Tracking Accounts on the Move: 11/20 Recap

Generate Sales Leads by Tracking Accounts on the Move: 11/20 Recap

Nobody likes to lose. To be more specific, nobody likes to lose business. So, how do you keep that loss at a minimum?

Whether you’re in ad sales, sponsorship or agency new business, following the latest agency shifts can keep your loss low by staying ahead of the competition.

For starters, ad and sponsorship sellers who keep track of agency shifts can use that knowledge to maintain relationships with media decision makers, knowing when they have lost or won an account, and using that information to secure new revenue. While agency new business can keep track of these shifts to gain a competitive advantage.

So, to help you turn their loss into your gain, we have compiled a list of our top ‘Accounts on the Move’ for the past week.

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  • Muller has decided to continue its partnership with the National Basketball Association.
  • Lenor Fabric Softener has appointed CHI & Partners to its pan-European ad account.
  • Crimestoppers Trust has redesigned a new identity with help from The Team.
  • BrewDog has reportedly introduced a new drink in response to the U.S.’s decision to withdraw from The Paris Agreement.
  • Natural History Museum has reportedly appointed OurKidBrother to their Entertainment Supplier Roster.
  • Pip & Nut recently introduced a new line of almond drinks with help from B&B Studio for the design.
  • Intuit‘s QuickBooks (QB) has tapped TBWA as global creative AOR.
  • Jack Daniels‘ Taste of Tennessee campaign made its way to London, Birmingham and Glasgow with Amplifi UK.

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