Agency Search Consultant Panel: Advice for New Business

Agency Search Consultant Panel: Advice for New Business

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Presented by: Russel Wohlwerth, Owner of External View Consulting Group | Lorraine Lockhart, President of RCG Consulting | Dave Currie, President & CMO of The List

While the role of agency search consultants differs based on each client’s needs, one consistent element that agencies need to focus on is reaching these consultants and standing out as the best candidate for the project. Now, how do you do that?

This webinar explains the criteria that search consultants look for in an agency and the best ways to position yourself in order to differentiate your service offerings from larger, and even smaller, competitors. Lorraine Lockhart and Russell Wohlwerth will provide tips on the changing relationships between agencies and brands, as well as provide insight on what you should — and should definitely not do — if you want to earn a coveted spot on the agency lists provided by search consultants.

Throughout the panel discussion, we will provide:

– Insight on exactly how agency search consultancy works and how the industry is changing
– Tips on how to position your agency to a search consultant
– Common mistakes agencies kill their own chances with consultants
– Best ways to get on a search consultant’s radar as a small agency
– Advice on how to make your product speak for itself when presented to clients