Tips and Tricks for Building an Effective Sponsorship Pipeline

Presented by: Brian McCue, Director of Sponsorship Sales of The List | Jennifer Groese, Director of Marketing of The List

With $20 Billion dollars being spent on sponsorship in 2014, companies are looking to see how they can get a piece of the pie.

With a variety of techniques used in obtaining new partnerships, we’ve seen companies be most successful when they are able to: clearly define their target audience, invest in resources to support their success and have a solid plan in place to engage potential partners.

A similar arrangement to what Brian presented at the 2015 IEG Conference, this Webinar will discuss this technique in detail, in addition to covering:

  • How to target your audience using the Shotgun vs. Sniper approach and the benefits that come with it.
  • The importance of having resources like: CRM, Company Insights and Prospect Identification tools in place (including exclusive non-profit offerings).
  • Creative examples of emails and subject lines to capture a prospects attention.
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