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Rev up your prospecting with powerful sales intelligence

Scraping LinkedIn. Googling dead ends. Trying every extension. All that time digging for reliable contact info is time you could be selling. Winmo helps you source leads quickly and accurately, so you can spend more time killing it on the leaderboard.

Backed by 22 years in the industry, Winmo arms you with the most accurate sales intelligence in the media and advertising industry. Unlike competitors, Winmo’s data is verified by living, breathing researchers – not bots – every 120 days. Find contacts at hard-to-reach agencies, get daily sales predictions, and stay on top of what media clients are buying – all in one place.

Winmo has an extensive database with accurate contact information. I love how it all ties together with agencies, companies and brands. It’s a great place to build contact lists and figure out which agencies are working with which brands and vice versa.

Michael Kinney Broadcast Sales Executive Tylie

Worth the investment. Winmo provides excellent cross referencing between client/agency relationships, providing contact info for client side and agency teams.

Paul Friedman National Account Executive American Public Media

Information is knowledge and in sales you need Winmo! Highly recommend.

Marlene Cadillo Account Executive ESPN Deportes

Winmo allows me to find contacts at hard-to-reach companies, source agencies’ active account lists, find new agencies and brands in my territory, and remain current on what media clients are buying.

Charlotte Hartman Regional Account Director National CineMedia

Using Winmo, our team has grown our non endemic revenue YOY 35%. Half the battle is getting to the right person and this tool allowed our sales team to get access to clients they did not know.

Eric Schwab TEN: The Enthusiast Network
See related agency contacts

Winmo is the only solution that gives you the specific agency contact working on a brand account. Mapping 165,000+ key decision-makers across parent companies, brands and their agencies, Winmo shows you everyone involved in key marketing decisions, budget by budget. Contact the right agency media planner or buyer, without wasting time searching, guessing and cross-checking.

Count on accurate contact information

Get direct dials and specific email addresses in under 3 clicks, so you can sidestep gatekeepers and book more meetings. Whether you’re looking for a CMO or their assistant, get it right the first time with sales intelligence vetted by researchers every 120 days. Need something you can’t find? Just ask us and we’ll do the digging.

Use Winmo to connect with: Chief Marketing Officers, VPs and Directors of Marketing, Media Directors, Digital Marketing Managers, Media Planners, Media Buyers, PR and Corporate Communications Executives, Brand Managers, Social Media Managers, Multicultural Marketing Teams, Associate Media Directors, Media Strategists, and more…

Nail your timing with outreach

Winmo tracks when advertisers are planning and buying media, so you can time your outreach right. Get in-depth media spend reports across 19 channels and filter by industry, category and planning period to find the most profitable opportunities. With real time alerts, custom lead recommendations and accurate sales predictions from WinmoEdge, it’s easy to stay on top of your hottest prospects.

Edge out your competition with sales predictions

Beat your competitors to the sale with WinmoEdge, the industry’s first sales predictor. Proven to predict leads 3-18 mos in advance, WinmoEdge translates industry shifts into quick reads you can act on. Get a daily rundown of potential sales opportunities, plus decision-maker contact info, so you can get in front of leads at the right time.

Crush your sales goals. All the time.

Winmo is a sales intelligence platform that points you to the right prospects at precisely the right time.

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